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Monday, October 29, 2012

Ghost Tours

Over the last few weeks I've had some awesome chances to go on some ghost tours!

Two weeks ago Spencer and I went to Asylum 49 in Tooele, UT with my brother and sister. It's the old hospital that's so haunted they've turned it into a "spook alley" as my sweet gma would call it. We got to walk through with all of the actors scaring us and making us jumpy. The animatronics they had were AWESOME.
After we walked through the haunted house, we waited while all of the actors left and all of the animatronics were shut off. Afterwards we walked through with tour guides and went to different wings of the building.
DJ Chunga from 101.9 and Ben Hansen from the SyFy channel were there telling lots of scary stories from when the hospital was up and running, as well as stories that had personally happened to them since the hospital was abandoned.
Our first wing of the building we visited was Labor and Delivery.
We had some awesome communication experiences with spirits that were visiting this building. We heard moans, footsteps, pipes rattling and the sink turned on at one point.
We also visited the old nurses station and used Mag lights to communicate with a female spirit in the building.
Our last stop was the old ER room which was totally awesome. There was a sink dripping in there that they haven't been able to shut off for years.
We went back to the hallway by the nurses station because there seemed to be a lot of activity there. Ben Hansen hooked my middle finger up to a heart rate monitor. Resting in the hallway my heart rate was 77. After a few minutes of nothing happening I told Ben I was suddenly FREEZING. He looked down and my heart rate and jumped to 112. I was quickly warm again and my heart rate immediately went back down to 77.
Totally creepy.
They had this awesome casket at the end of our tour we laid in to take pictures.
Here I am with grim reaper standing over me. 
(This is the tour we all got SUPER sick from. I think we were all exposed to something or someone- all 4 of us were down and out all of last week- Spencer is STILL sick! It may have had something to do with the fact we didn't get HOME until almost 5:30 AM!)
Was this past Friday at the Baron Mill in Brigham City. Spencer and Natalie were still too sick to go so I ended up going with my brother Jeff and two of his friends. There's so much history in this building. It was originally owned by the LDS Church- Bought by a second party and later abandoned.
We got to walk through the building after hearing some scary stories about things that previously happened before the building was abandoned. There were lots of children in the 30's that worked in this building and one little boy was killed by a huge piece of machinery that wasn't shut off yet- that machine is still in the building.
It was totally spooky walking through here since the owners UP and LEFT.
There were literally still bags of wool laying around..
DJ Chunga had a really bad experience with something he felt was evil in this building. He told us to "STAY AWAY FROM THE BOILER ROOM" ....we still went.. but nothing bad happened.
Here are some pics!
Since the workers up and left there's quite a bit of machinery still left in the building. This was the actual machine that killed the little boy that tried to fix it!
Here's a picture of the Boiler Room we were supposed to stay out of.
I'm still not sure why there is ANY red in this picture- the Boiler had zero red coloring on it at ALL. But there's quite a bit of weird red in this picture....
We walked into this room where we found original bags of yarn from the Mill!
Our guide said there's usually quite a bit of activity in this room.
Me & Jeff
(p.s. this was the most FREEZING cold tour I've ever been on. My feet were freezing in my boots!)
Original machinery in the Wash Room
Original bag of Wool left just outside of the building
We've always been into Haunted Houses and Ghost Tours..
What's the scariest thing you've done for Halloween this year?


  1. Oh my gosh! So scary. You're a much braver gal than me.

  2. I heard Chunga talking about the Boiler room a couple weeks ago on the morning show. I was about peeing my pants listening to what happened to him in there.
    you COULD NOT pay me to do ghost tours. haha That is the number one thing I am afraid of. you're so brave.

  3. wow this totally just gave me goosies, especially the picture of the boiling room! are you for real gal!

  4. You are so brave!! And slightly insane! I pee a little just hearing the advertisements on the radio, no way I'd ever be brave enough to go. High 5 to you sister!


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