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Friday, October 26, 2012

My Friday Letters

DEAR SNOW I really do hate you. You are too cold and wet. But at least you make driving to work interesting. I feel like I'm flying through space in my car with my headlights on.
DEAR COLD I've had all week. You suck. And you've made me  OH so miserable.
DEAR MUCINEX COLD SYRUP I love you so much. I drank you so often, you actually started to make me gag.
DEAR PUFFS PLUS WITH LOTION Whoever invented you deserves a Popsicle. You made my runny/stuffy nose feel loved.
DEAR CABIN SOCKS There is really nothing quite as comfortable and soft for my tootsies. I will be buying more of you. Lots more of you.
DEAR ALMOND JOY CREAMER Thank you for existing. You just made my hot chocolate and my life 100 times better.
DEAR BUNNY WINSTON Thank you for being cute. Always, all the time. You made me feel better when you'd hop and run around. I made you love me while I was sick by bribing you with lots of treats. You even shared your bunny popcorn

DEAR HUSBAND Thank you for the treats you bought me when I was feeling most miserable. Medicine, soup, movies, balloons, apple sauce and treats. You made me feel so loved & cared for.
Also, thanks for not judging when you came home from work and I was on the couch with tissues stuck up my nose.

DEAR BROTHER Thank you for loving Halloween as much as I do. I'm glad you don't mind spending HOURS at Halloween City with me. Our costumes are AGAIN, going to be off the chain! woot!

DEAR RYAN, MY BOSS Thank you for making me a man-sized breakfast burrito today for breakfast. I ate ALL OF IT, an orange juice & a donut. Now I'm happy.

DEAR TAYSWIFT I love you. And your new CD.

Happy Friday!
Any fun plans for the weekend??


  1. i really hope you get feeling better!

  2. I want to get her new CD too! I'm so excited.

  3. A nose in need, deserves Puffs Plus indeed.
    Hope you get feeling better!

    and I totally feel the same about driving in the snow. It's like: Initiate Hyper Space.

    can't wait to see pictures of your costume.

    annnnnd I love T-Swift's new album as well.

  4. cute! and yes i LOOOOVE T-Swift as well. :)

    xo, shaylee

  5. Totes agree.
    Snow is horrid.
    Move to San Antonio. It never snows here :)
    Feel better!

    1. i WIIIISSSH I was in San Antonio!
      If my husband said he wanted to move ANYWHERE in Texas I'd pack my stuff tonight. And when I say ANYWHERE I mean not anywhere. haha

  6. Everybody loves Taylor Swift...

  7. i have been listening to tswift NONSTOP!!!! Her new album is the best thing ever! I jut grabbed one of your cute buttons! Mine is on my sidebar if you would like to grab one as well!:)

  8. OMG! You bunny is soooo adorable! Great post!


    1. Awe Thanks so much Rebecca!
      I'm glad you stopped by!

      Do I have to have bloglovin as well to follow your blog??


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