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Friday, October 5, 2012

I Pooped My Pants

So this story is super embarrassing.
NO, not the one where I "accidentally pooped my pants" (which totally did NOT happen BTW) ..but the one where my facebook totally got hacked.
Honestly, it was SO good I couldn't even be mad.
Here's how this went down.
Yesterday at work I was out delivering with my boss to a conference room in another building. Suddenly my phone starts going CRAZY with facebook alerts. I am trying to pull up my facebook page but I didn't have enough service. Then my phone starts getting text messages of people's comments.
I'm a very open person?? Fiber?? It's not normal??
First of all, let me say THANK YOU to those who commented and were totally supportive of my fictional abnormal bodily functions.
I received some very inspirational & kind comments and messages.
I have the best facebook friends in the world.
NOW, to those of you who really thought I was serious, don't know me very well. Although my sister did a WONDERFUL job at making it sound like I really posted that. I may be an open book when it comes to really anything, but NOT this. I would NEVER.
To those of you who DIDN'T believe it, Thank you for having enough faith in me to know I would NEVER post something like that on facebook in all reality.
I will also say that payback is a total Bitch.
I had this coming to me for a long time after I hacked my friend Becky's facebook page and said her new salad diet was giving her horrible gas at work.
(apologies in advance to the sweet girl that commented back to Becky to say she had the same problem..) ...Bless her heart..
Payback got me & it got me GOOD.
But my sweet little peach of a sister has NO idea what's coming to her next.
Love you sis!!
JUST in case you missed this fabulous post, or you are NOT my friends on facebook..
Here's how it went. {Sweet Comments included.}

I decided to leave people's names on the comments rather than editing names out.
I did this for two reasons:
1. I'm lazy.
2. All of these people need a PERSONAL thank you for being so sweet to me. hahaha I'm so thankful for lovely friends who are willing to help with such an issue. Really though.
I was driving home from dinner last night with Spencer and got a text from my dad.
"How's your gas tonight?"
....funny people... REAAAAL FUNNY....
I had to go to my mom's house and I barged in announcing that my Colon was just fine.
My brothers response was "Thank heavens.. that was totally sick."
Not even my own flesh and blood knew I did NOT write that.
Touche Natalie. Touche.
Like I said, I can't even be mad about this it's so funny.
I even have some appreciation for the comment, "check out my blog!"
At Least I can laugh about it, RIGHT?


  1. This is SO FUNNY. I hacked my sisters Facebook countless times, and the last time, she really got I stopped. Hahaha! This is so awesome though. I'm glad you can laugh about it and have a sense of humor! Because, well, not everyone can!

  2.! But also really, really embarrassing...and this makes me so glad that I'm pretty sure my siblings would not think to hack my FB in that gruesome manner! The entire conversation goes on for so long....that's hilarious!

  3. Ok. This is freaking hilarious! Once I actually did pee my pantsob stage and wrote about it on my blog...we need to be friends!!!

    1. HAHA YES!!
      I'm so excited about this. I'm following you right now!
      Can't wait!


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