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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kindness Goes A Long Way.

there have been a few random acts of kindness that have really stood out to me.
When we went to Seattle in July we went to Anacortes Washington for our Whale Watching Adventure. Before leaving Anacortes to head back to Seattle we stopped at the nearest Starbucks to get a treat for our ride home. While waiting for my drink I decided to wash my hands. As I walked into the bathroom I noticed this little post-it note on the mirror..
I was amazed at the effect this one little post-it note had on my day.
Little notes and things mean so much to me. This was a small act of kindness, by a complete stranger, that probably reached more people than just myself.
This week at work I passed a vending machine and noticed something taped to the front.
As I got closer I saw this..
I left the money hoping it would brighten someone else's day the way it did mine.
These two random acts of kindness were obviously thought out & planned.
In a world that so often seems broken and lost something as small and sweet as these two things could potentially change someones entire day.
Every two weeks I try to make a list of goals for myself. Some goals are big, some are extremely simple. Every time I sit to make goals, one of them is Help a Stranger...
I challenge YOU to help a stranger. A random act of kindness.
Whether it's a note on a mirror, a dollar at a vending machine or maybe helping someone else with their groceries..
Kindness is what keeps us grounded along with so many other things.
How will YOU show kindness this week?
[If you do this, or if you've had an experience similar PLEASE share and leave a comment!]


  1. i love this! you come across the neatest things. i am definitely going to try that this week:) thanks for this idea

    1. Thanks Sarah!
      You'll have to let me know what you do!!

  2. Newest follower here. Cool post. I love that dollar bill idea!


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