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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Joys Of Being Little

Have you ever looked out your window in the morning and wished you had a full day ahead to play in the sandbox rather than go to work?
Today was one of those days.
All I wanted to do this morning was sleep in late & crawl into my footie jammies (yep...) watch cartoons and eat a bowl of Lucky Charms.
...Maybe 2 or 3 bowls actually...
I wanted to call my friends over to play House.
(I call to be the mom!!)
Or we could play barbies. Or play outside in the playhouse.
If it was nice outside we could ride our bikes on the sidewalks and pretend we ACTUALLY had our driver's licenses.
We could talk in our very own language.
Which was really just pig latin.
We could have oreos and milk for lunch and red vine straws in our Sprite.
We would come inside and be filthy from sidewalk chalk and have a disgusting collection of Rolly Pollies in my purple princess treasure box.
We could have a pony party and pretend we were on unicorns.
We would go to the park and pretend the ground was lava and jump from toy to toy being totally sweaty and hot & not even caring as my hair sticks to my face.
My only stress would be which friend to play with.
I would wear tall socks with tennis shoes.
Because that was the most comfy you know..
I'd have Curly Q shoestrings- the ones you could just twist around each other and not tie.
My socks would more than likely have beads sewn onto them that clatter as I run.
We would pick the honeysuckles from the front yard and more than likely eat them.
(this really happened..)
We would pick a flower from all of the neighbors houses and make perfume water.
Then go door to door and try to sell it.
We would go to the neighbors house and ask to play in her makeup.
We would adore and awe over her bright red shades of lipstick.
This morning I wanted to do these things.
I woke up at 5:30 am and put make up on.
I brushed my teeth and did my hair.
I put on real perfume. [Not flower water..]
I put $40.00 of gas in my car and drove to work.
I opened the door to my own office and answered phone calls and emails.
I had eggs for breakfast, even though I wanted Lucky Charms.
(we didn't any or I would have eaten them.)
I checked my bank account and figured out bills.
I have grown up work shoes on.
Not socks with beads. unfortunately.
I miss being 5.
I'm also thankful & oh so blessed for:
A full time job
a car
money to pay my bills
my own office
my grown up red lipstick
my sweet husband.
our baby Winston
Healthy Lunches (with a side of Oreos)
Grown up perfume.
....the list goes on and on....
I also still love:
making red vines into straws
Lucky Charms
playing at the park
..this list is even longer...
Today I'm thankful for the things I got to experience as a kid.
I'm thankful for the things I get to experience as an adult.
I'm thankful for nieces and nephews and primary kids that remind me of how fun it was to be little.. and how a huge part of me will never grow up.


  1. i love this! it made me miss being 5 :/

    1. those were the golden days huh!!
      I love being a "grown up" too...
      but man. Plaing barbies and House NEVER got old!!

  2. i love this...because my 5 year old memories were spent with YOU! i remember all of those fun memories. i especially miss my bead socks and curly shoe-laces. the 90's were so great. thanks for still being such a great friend kell. love you to the moon and back :)

    1. LOVE YOU hai!!
      I posted the link to this post on facebook and was so sad when I couldn't tell you it was here! I knew you'd see it!
      Such good times in your sandbox. Best sandbox I've ever stepped foot in! :D

  3. Your morning sounded like mine:) now we know why Peter Pan ran away.

    Sometimes we eat French fries and Oreos for dinner, totally acceptable


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