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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Walking Dead Party

As ya'll should know..
Last night was the SEASON 3 PREMIERE of The Walking Dead!
.....such an occasion calls for a party....
I volunteered WEEKS ago to cook Sunday dinner for the family- my mom didn't know at the time it would ALSO be a night centered around our show. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to be in charge of Sunday dinners anymore..
I worked all week on planning an interesting menu for Sunday Dinner/Walking Dead Party.
Here are a few pictures of our totally gross Sunday dinner with the fam & a few friends!
Of course we had to start with Caution Tape on the door.
And obviously a zombie hand with a rat.
Chop Shop?
I'll be the first to say how awesome my murder scene towel is..
I made this Mummy Head & Nat hung plastic chopped off fingers from fishing line in the entry way. You had to walk under dangling fingers to get into the living room.
.. I'm sorry most of these pictures totally suck. The fingers were definitely hard to capture.
(we strung them up to represent Daryl's Zombie ear necklace.. but we didn't have ears..)
We had zombie fingers.....
 [bread sticks]
Zombie Bones...
[Vanilla Meringue]
Zombie Brain Ball....
Notice the awesome Finger cheese spreaders.
[from Hip & Humble!]
Zombie Skin..
TOTALLY sick looking.
Tasted Delicious..
Chop Shop Chili &
Flesh Worms
[Jell-o made in bendy straws]
Blood Punch with Eyeballs & Brain Cupcakes
Our Walking Dead food was DELICIOUS.
We had THESE awesome party favors too:
Strawberry Candy Blood Bags!
And of COURSE we had a good time eating our Zombie Fingers & Pretending to be Zombies!
Did anyone else watch the Season 3 Premiere last night??
What did you think?
I CAN'T WAIT for next week's episode!!


  1. i am in love with this!! it is the cutest thing ever:) i didn't get to see it but i am going to have to!!

  2. I would've passed on all of this. Not that it doesn't look absolutely delish but I'm not sure my week stomach could've handled that and the tv show! It all looks so real!

  3. gosh i'm just in awe at all this! you're the party thrower extraordinaire! are you saying that i need to add another TV show to my list?! ugh!!!

  4. You did an amazing job!! Wow!! How fun

  5. That looks spectacular! Great job!

  6. oh my goodness josh would have LOVED this hahahaha thats so awesome!


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