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Monday, November 5, 2012

A Different Outfit Post

OKAY ladies and gents! I have a "controversial" blog post today.
Just kidding. But kind of not..
About a month or so, a friend of mine linked up this girl's blog post on facebook and said she agreed with most of her points. I quickly clicked the link totally interested and this is the link I found. Her blog is called "Don't quote the raven."
Since I read this article I've actually found some pretty hilarious posts on her blog.
She's pretty clever!
Once you've read that.. Here is my outfit post for this lovely Monday.
Proudly modeling my "Blogger Top Knot"
[I guess I better start with saying the day I read her blog post, I was sitting at my desk at work with a bubble necklace on, red lipstick & my hair up high. HILARIOUS.]
I guess I didn't like how she seemed to speak for all men in this post.
SO. I took my outfit post pictures- (all while my husband has no idea what I'm doing. )
After my cute sis took my pictures, I asked him a few questions.

Here are his responses:
What do you think about my hair like this?
"Indifferent? I think it looks fine."
Give me your thoughts on cardigans- Cute or Grandma?
"Meh- I don't prefer MOST of them, but the one you are wearing is fine. haha I would never wear a cardigan"
side note: in my defense Spencer has suggested hitting up the cardigan section of Target to see if I want to buy anything. Either he loves them deep down- or he's the best husband ever. If he truly does not like them he's great. Because I would NEVER direct him to the sandal with sock section..
Do you like it when I ...
he cut me off before I could even finish the question..
What do you think about my necklace?
"It's a good necklace. I prefer your hoop earrings over any of your accessories."
What do you think of this entire outfit together?
"It works! It looks good- I like your boots, jeans & I especially like your hoop earrings."

What about the Maxi Skirt I wore to church today?
"Yeah I REALLY like those.."
**He points to my bum & gives me the thumbs up!**
(haha don't mind all of the bubble necklaces hanging from my jewelry wall...)
Some of his answers didn't surprise me. Like the lipstick answer- I know Spencer hates it when I wear lipstick...
If every woman dressed "FOR MEN" we would be walking around naked all the time. REALLY THOUGH!
I bought my bubble necklace because I LIKE IT- regardless of the fact everyone and their dog owns one. Oh well! If you see a bubble necklace and think "anal beads" I'm sorry, but you probably need some sort of therapy.
OR you just hate them. Which is fine. But I do not.
I KNOW my husband hates my floral jeans-- So.. I make a point to not wear them every single day.
I will wear them once in a while though.


What do you think about my hair like this?
"I love it like that- I envy those with good high buns. Out of your face, messy & cute"
Give me your thoughts on cardigans- Cute or Grandma?
"I don't wear them because I don't like them on me, but on others it can really pull an outfit together."
Do you like Lipstick?
"UGH! NO! I don't even wear lip gloss I think lipstick is of the devil"
"I think you have to be a lucky person to rock red lipstick- you can pull it off."
What do you think about my necklace?
"I LOVE Bubble necklaces!"
"I LOVE them big- I think it's a great accessory!"
What do you think of this entire outfit together?
"I like it because it's a bunch of colors I would never think to put together. It looks really cute!"

What about the Maxi Skirt I wore to church today?
 "I LOVE maxi skirts. They are cute and comfortable"
"I think it's a quick and easy way to look elegant"
Who are we if we don't dress for ourselves? Who are we if we don't have individual style and taste?
[Whether we are talking about fashion, movies, politics.. whatever...]
The lovely thing about being an individual is the fact we can do things for ourselves. We are entitled to our opinions.. and the girl who wrote "I dress for men" clearly stated hers.
Which is lovely! You GO Raven!
Spencer has things in his closet I don't love either- But HE LIKES THEM.
So he wears them.. and that's what makes him Spencer!
Maybe the cardigan thing is a TOTAL UTAH trend..
Maybe I like my hair up in a "top knot" because it's out of my face & convenient!
Maybe I LIKE polka dots on polka dots- because it's funky and not many people dare do it.
MAYBE I'm totally out of the loop on fashion??
Who knows...
What is your opinion on her post?
What is your opinion on THIS post?
I'd love your comments & thoughts!
Happy Monday....!

p.s. Thanks to my sweet sister for taking my pics. AGAIN!



  1. I love everything about this outfit. You and I have very similar taste on this one. Especially the high bun. That's my favorite hair do ever. And I think you rock the lip stick. My husband doesn't like it when I wear lipstick either. But that's because he forgets and kisses me and then he has it on his lips. and that's a problem. haha
    But if I'm going out with the girls, then he is all for it.
    loved this post, I'm gonna have to try this sometime.

  2. theres a number of reasons my guy doesnt appreciate the sense of fashion that raven is talking about, but maybe not for the reasons she says. j. crew is expensive. maxi skirts cover my sexy legs (which he knows is my sole reason for wearing them). bubble necklaces are huge and in the way and make a lot of noise. lipstick makes me unkissable. top knots are stiff and can't be messed with.

    he's told me his reasons for not appreciating these styles and i totally agree with him even though i sometimes dress like that. and thats fine with me. deep down i'm in love with baseball tees and jeans.

    i guess i'm lucky in that josh knows when i'm wearing things because it's me or because i want to fit in. and he encourages me when he knows it's my own style (even if he doesn't agree with my fashion sense at that time) and discourages me when he knows i'm spending all this time to impress the random people we see out on the town. he loves that i'm unique and he would never want to stifle that but he never wants me to feel like i need to impress anyone, esp perfect strangers. i love that about him.

    anyways. i think a husbands opinion should be greatly valued when it comes to fashion but that it should not overthrow our own style and opinions. we still are individuals, but we are married which means he really really matters and should be considered in all things.

  3. you ar so cute!! i love that outfit of yours and those boots are awesome. from what i can tell it seems like you always have a great time with your sister, there are only a few people i could make fun silly face in photos like that with!

  4. ok my thoughts on raven's post were, "SERIOUSLY?! if i dressed for "men", i would look and feel like a complete slut. and honestly, that is NOT the kind of men i want to attract. I want a MAN who loves me for my beautiful smile, kind heart, and amazing personality! not just for my bangin' body. i want to be sexy for him in private, not out in public! i honestly believe that being classy in your dress will get you so much further in life. that girl is cray cray." my thoughts on your post, "I FREAKIN' LOVE MIKELL!!" the end :)

  5. I love that you read something your didn't like and challenged it. Sometimes I dress for him. Sometimes I dress for me although I think I favor Natalies thoughts on clothes and lipstick in my personal life. Whatever I am comfortable changing babies on the floor, cooking or chasing kids in, thats what I want to wear!

  6. I agree, we dress for ourselves and not others. And you shouldn't follow a trend just because its a'll probably buy it and shove it in the back of your closet if you do. Love this post! Great stuff Mikell!

  7. I read that post a while ago, and my reaction was the same as yours! I didn't agree with most of her opinions, and I thought that she generalized way too much. OF COURSE there are some men who don't like those styles on women and some that love em. My husband LOVES the top knot. He legitimately thinks it's sexy. Regardless though, I dress the way I like and that's what is most important. I'm trying not to get too feminist on here... but I think that if a girl dresses ONLY for men and not for herself it's really quite sad. Pleasing men's eyes is NOT what we are meant for. Mentalities like that is why we live in a culture that sexually objectifies woman.

    But, everyone has a right to their own opinion, and these are just mine :)

    love live the bubble necklace! I have it in 4 colors.
    Cardigans are classy.
    lipstick is sexy and confident
    Maxi Skirts are one of the best things to enter into my wardrobe.

    Loved this post Mikell!!

  8. I think you look adorable...and cardis are the way too go!!!

  9. this is SUCH a great post! i was reading that other girls thinking men would rather us me naked too! haha! good for you to point out we should dress for ourselves! :)

  10. I like what raven wrote, it is clever. However, I wouldn't listen to a man when it comes to style, they don't know anything unless they are gay.

  11. i love the mustard!!! guys know nothing. you are so cute!

  12. Cute! I love your outfit, and your hair. I think it all looks wonderful!

    P.S. I'm hosting a $50 Shabby Apple Giveaway on my blog, you should come check it out!

  13. I love your top bun! And that outfit. I have that same necklace so I will have to try it with that color cardi! LOVE!

  14. LOVE the outfit..and that necklace is adorable!

  15. I didn't read the Raven post and just skipped through to your pics. The whole time I was thinking how cute your outfit was and how I was going to copy it. Then I read the Raven post and laughed.

    p.s. I am sooooo glad I'm not the only one who assumes everyone is a rapist.

  16. What a great post! I love the way that you're never afraid to say exactly how you feel in your posts. For what it's worth, I LOVE this outfit on you. The cardigan is such a cute color, and everything pulls together so nicely. I totally envy you for being able to pull off red lipstick and for having long enough hair to rock the blogger bun!
    I agree wholeheartedly with dressing for yourself. My boyfriend doesn't like it when I wear animal print, so I try not to wear it too much around him. BUT I still wear it sometimes (like the cheetah print blouse I wore on Tuesday) because I LIKE IT!

  17. Your hair looks great! Love. It. Also... Maxi skirt, perfect. I need one like that. Where did you find it? And lastly. Cardigans are perfect. It might be a Utah trend, but who cares? I have like 20... oops!

    Love, The Skinnys

  18. Wow this is totally hilarious. I have pretty close to the same conversations with my husband and sister. Although for him it's the boyfriend jeans, which I have no intention of giving up. I agree dress the way that makes you happy and sometimes for him : )


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