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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Insta love

Okay friends..
I have a total obsession, er, love for instagram.
I think it's such a fun & perfect way to follow, keep up, and enjoy pics from friends.
I feel like I have a special friendship with the people on my instagram list.
I have a FEW readers from my blog that I currently follow, but I'd love to find more of you!
If you have instagram & I'm not following you let me know-
Leave your username in the comment section or email me if you don't want to leave it there!
You can also find me @missmikell
AND if you have a smart phone and you DON'T have instagram, I recommend you get it. STAT! Because you are missing out on a fun world of photos!
Thanks pretties.


  1. love me some instagram! p.s. would you be willing to do a guest post for me? let me know!

  2. instagram is the best!! i am following you now!! mine is helenesula

  3. I do love Instagram! I have an account but tend to just keep things private on it. I'm already online so much! Still, I love posting my photos on my blog, so they do eventually get shared. :-)

  4. I love Instagram! @beccamoss_ (:


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