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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Good News!!

I came into work today and pulled up Pinterest.
(Hard work today, I'm tellin ya..)
I'm hunched over as close as I can be to fetal position while still sitting in an office chair wanting to cry. Cramps from the depths of Hell.
Then I found this pin and suddenly my day is all ponies and rainbows.
you guys... It's not a baby!
This week I got real adventurous and colored my hair.
I've always avoided ANY sort of red. No red shades, not even a red hair.
I found one once and plucked that sucker right off my head.
You see my sister Natalie, AKA Fatalie is a total ginger.
Now I love her as a ginger. But even this faded brown hair color of mine- light brown.. was WAY TOO CLOSE to being ginger status for my liking. I made a hair appointment.
Then I made the mistake of going into Sephora for a $12.00 highlighter pen.
The girl checking me out had red/black hair. I can't describe how awesome it was.
Big bold eyebrows, red lipstick and killer hair.
I walked out of Sephora $125.00 poorer and had a slight interest in ugly/awesome colored hair. I went all sorts of adventurous at the hair salon.
You really can't tell what color it is.. pictures don't even do it justice!
I'd call it.. a nice shade of purpleblackredbrown.
Although it turned out MUCH more red than I would have liked.. I'm getting used to it.
I totally dig it.
I'm a ginger faker.
I've also been avoiding any contact with either one of my parents.
Or grandparents for that matter.
There was a time in high school I colored my hair SUPER dark.. verge of black.. and I got my car taken away. The weekend of girls-choice prom.
I'm married, moved out and still get mini lectures on my hair color.
Thanksgiving dinner with everyone should be fun.
If you consider your mom crawling up in fetal position and crying because of a hair color change, fun..
For some other good news, I got my first BIRCHBOX yesterday!!
It was like Christmas in my mail box!

SO Excited about my goodies & already can't wait for my box next month!
In other good news..
Winston got to play outside at my mom's yesterday!
Winston didn't know what to think at first.. and quickly got way too comfortable for my liking with his surroundings. Considering my little winkle-berry can jump up on our bed.. I thought for SURE he'd jump the doggy fence and be gone forever. So I took him inside and let him run free willy since the puppies were gone on a play date to pink gmas house.
He left two poo nuggets which I left with a note on my mom's night stand signed -Winston
Then we had an at-home mini manger scene and played the parts Mary and baby Jesus.
Things don't get much cuter than this fluff ball ladies and gentlemen.
The End.


  1. I love that you are adventurous with the hair styles! I wish I could be like that..I've been blonde my whole life. You got an awesome box this month!

  2. myself as well feel as if i have a monster raging in my uterus, so that picture has kept me laughing for a solid ten minutes. andd... i have considered the birchbox thing! what is your honest opinion about it so far?

  3. Love this hairstyle on you, you have the perfect face for it!! i would love it if we followed each other! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I totally think that dark hair on you is beautiful! Makes your eyes totally stand out!
    p.s. what is this birch box? I am totally intrigued now..

  5. Your hair looks AMAZING! I just signed up for Birch Box, and I really can't wait to start getting them.

    Curves & Curls

  6. I feel like everyone is doing birchboxes! A fun monthly surprise would be nice! Much nicer than the other monthly surprise.... :)


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