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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Life as Cleopatra

One of my favorite family traditions is going to Pink gma's house for Halloween. She bakes pumpkin chocolate chip cookies & serves hot chocolate to everyone who comes by!
I may be biased, but I have the best gma in the WHOLE WORLD.
Here are some pics from our low-key Halloween!
I was Cleopatra & Spencer went as something scary- a ghoul or a different version of the grim reaper maybe?

We stopped by Pink gmas and saw some fam..

My sister Natalie AKA Fatalie told me all week she had no idea what she was dressing up as. LIES! When she stepped out of her car I about PEED!
For those of you poor souls who don't know who Miranda Sings is..
Check out one of her videos here:
Natalie was a SPITTING IMAGE minus the hair color. It was SO FUNNY!

My brother Jeff dressed up as a FREAKY scarecrow. He sat still in a chair by the hot chocolate table and would jump up and scare the kids. It was hilarious and also resulted in some 3rd degree burns from hot chocolate flying through the air.
If there's anything to know about Fatalie it's that she's QUEEN BEE at photo-bombing pics.
Pro Status!
And of course there's Winston. He needed some Halloween Lovins too.. So he got TWO baby carrots yesterday instead of just one!
I literally look forward to Halloween all year long. Then BOOM it's over.
I'm so sad to see October go taking my Halloween decorations with it.
I'm also Happy to see November is here- I always try to focus on how blessed I am with my "30 Days of Thankful" I'll take a picture each day of something I'm thankful for- A nice reminder of the things/people I am lucky enough to have!
I'm also looking forward to the holidays with Spencer as our first year as a MARRIED COUPLE! Thanksgiving & Christmas festivities, music & treats rock my world.
I'm happy to see you!


  1. How cute & fun! I love your costume!

  2. I love your Cleopatra costume!! Spencer is a little scary, if I saw him, I'd run the other direction. Looks like you guys had a blast! And I agree, Halloween...and life for that matter...passes way too quickly!

  3. Sweet Cleo costume! Don't tell me you "just came up with that" because I would be rather jealous!

    And your sister's costume? Priceless :)

  4. Love your costume! And now I'm going to watch this Miranda Sings video, because I'm so behind the times.

    New follower! Yay! Come say hi. :-)

  5. Love your Cleopatra costume, especially the eyeliner! Looks like it was an awesome party!

  6. Ok, first of all you are a perfect Cleopatra! Love it! Next, I LOVE Miranda! hahahaha your sis did such a good job! What a great costume idea! :)

  7. I love your costume. I wanted to be this for Halloween, but was looking for something just like this! Where did you get it at?


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