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Friday, November 2, 2012

My Friday Letters

DEAR HUSBAND, again, thank you for being so good to me. Yesterday I came home to a clean kitchen, bathrooms, floors vacuumed, bed made & everything picked up.
Either you love me, or you want somethin-somethin.
DEAR WEEKEND, Thank you for finally being here. I get sick of waiting for you throughout the week.
DEAR NOVEMBER, I really would hate you if you didn't bring such delicious food with you. So.. I guess thank you.
DEAR PINTEREST, You bring me some SERIOUS entertainment. E-cards, I love you.



  1. You would hate November?!
    I agre though, pumpkin pie makes everything better :)

    Hooray for a hubby who cleans. Seriously. Make him come to San Antonio. KThx.

  2. The humor section on Pinterest is my constant entertainment! And you are soooo lucky to have a husband that cleans

  3. bahaha oh questioning the motives of our husbands. and both motives are COMPLETELY fine with me haha
    and the humor section of pinterest- "hey josh, look at this. it's hilarious." EVERY 2 SECONDS!

    1. hahah Spencer has started showing ME e-cards he finds online too.. He knows I love them!

  4. haha, so true, I am addicted to pinterest :)

  5. you better not hate november! it brought you ME too! :) yay birthday month!

  6. wow how nice to come home and have a clean kitchen! lucky you! and weekend i am thankful you are finally here too

  7. Found you thru an ad! Loving your blog! Happy new follower!
    Ramblings of a Southern Belle


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