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Friday, November 16, 2012

My Friday Letters

DEAR HUSBAND: Happy 8 months of being married!
(I love you to the moon & back)

DEAR TWILIGHT: I'm super stoked to see you this weekend.
(You too Jacob..)
DEAR COLD MEDICINE: If you don't kick in ASAP this weekend I might die.
(25 days of being sick & counting)
DEAR CLIENTS: I'm so excited to do your lashes this weekend!
(this means girl talk)
DEAR MIKELL: Why did you volunteer to teach Relief Society on Sunday?
(Can't seem to kick the dreams where I'm totally unprepared...)
(Everyone Wish Me Luck!)
DEAR CHRISTMAS SALES: Don't you know you make Christmas shopping hard for me?
(One for you.. Two for me....)
DEAR WALKING DEAD: I can't wait to find out who is on the phone with RICK!
(I have to wait until Sunday NIGHT?!)
All I know, is that I'm excited for this weekend & I'm also excited for it to be over.


  1. I love the Walking Dead! Every Sunday night my family has like 10 people over to watch it! So intense...
    Check out my Blog :)

  2. I'm totally with you on the Christmas sales! I caved and bought THREE PAIRS of heels yesterday because the discounted price was too good to pass up. I know I'll get a lot of use out of them, though, so no biggie I suppose!

    Good luck this Sunday and I hope you feel better very soon! Thanks for posting every day in spite of not feeling your best. I look forward to reading your blog every morning!

    Curves & Curls

  3. wish i could hear your lesson! and twilight was ridiculous. and great. and so stupid. haha, you'll have to let me know what you think. jacob is so fly though. ok seriously GET BETTER SOON! sheesh! :)

  4. no way what day did you get married? I am 8 months too haha!

  5. Ughhh 25 days of being sick, I would definitely die!

    Ashton from:


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