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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vito's Restaurant

Those of you that know me, know I'm crazy about my food.
My family has been RAVING about Vito's in Bountiful, Utah forever. Vito's used to be a little mobile food stand on Main Street- like a taco stand for way better food.
Just recently since Bountiful's Main Street has become the newest hot spot, Vito's opened an official restaurant and it's DELICIOUS!
Vito's is on the Corner of Main Street across from Pat's Dancewear.
The prices are ABOUT $10.00 or less- (a few items more) and includes a beverage. Sandwiches include a beverage and chips!
I got the Penne Pasta with Meatballs
(you guys know I don't eat meatballs..)
SO I went out on a limb and it was incredible.
...not to mention they have the tiniest salt & pepper shakers I've ever seen they were adorable..
Dad and Spencer refused to have their pictures taken
Not only is this restaurant amazing, but I was a little shocked after I ordered..
My mom handed me a calculator and told me to add it all up.
Vito's is completely based on the honor system!!
I couldn't believe it! I added up our food- got the total, and there's a huge jar of money to put your cash in. Make your own change and all...
I was so shocked that someone, a business owner, in this day and age would trust people to be honest.
Call it stupid? I think it's TOTALLY AWESOME!
I was in total awe and my parents got laughing and asked him, "What if you get ripped off?!"
His response was, "If that's the case then I can figure they needed it more than I do and I probably would have bought their dinner anyways.."
I would 100% recommend Vito's for awesome, quick food!

Something to know in advance: it's CASH or CHECK only!
Be prepared to add up your own meals & dig in the cash jar!


  1. looks like a perfect restaurant to spend at! that pasta looks yummy xx

    Letters To Juliet

  2. Glad the meatballs didn't disappoint! :)

  3. Everyone has been raving about Vito's and we still haven't tried it! Glad to know it's cash or check only! Thanks for the review, I definitely have to go now!


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