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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas really meant a lot in the Brockbank/Gordon home.
This was our last holiday with Natalie home (a post on this coming soon..)
& Our FIRST Christmas as a MARRIED couple. SO much fun!
Here is a glimpse of some of my Christmas Festivities.
Had Girl's Night Ugly Christmas Sweater status.. SO awesome.
(Forgive the CRAP quality of this picture from my sweet iphone..)
Wrapped Christmas Presents and let Winston eat the evidence..
Had breakfast with Santa & Mrs. Claus
Sat by the fireplace with Fatalie
Little America with the family (minus one..)
Christmas Eve Sibling Breakfast, Park City & Christmas Shopping
Had a good last look at the giant pile of presents under our tree..
Got our Christmas Eve Jammies..
Opened our Christmas Eve presents from Dad!
Oliver's People Sunglasses!
Drove to the homeless shelter Christmas Morning to hand out beanies, gloves, new socks, scarfs, coats & hand warmers.
Adored Spencer's wrapping..
Let Winston play with the paper..
Watched these two play with their new toys..
..And was completely spoiled rotten this Christmas.
Above all,
I'm so thankful for the Christmas Season. For all of the time we spent with family & friends remembering the true meaning of Christmas.
I was so sad laying in bed last night thinking it was all over so fast.
May we remember the Christmas Spirit all year long.


  1. That fireplace is beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  2. How come you stopped posting your blog updates on facebook??? I thought you'd quit blogging, but I had to check just in case! Glad you guys had a good Christmas, sorry Spence had to work but at least it gave you extra time with your sister!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and I seriously love the fact that you have a rabbit! And I love all of your pictures and your ugly sweater picture (I love ugly sweater parties!) And congrats on celebrating your first Christmas as a married couple!

    And I am SO jealous of your Tiffany's! What was inside the little blue box??


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