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Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Letters

This is the time my alarm goes off to get to work.
All I know, is this morning I woke up & was feelin GOOD!
It's the first day all week I have woken up NOT feeling like I've been hit by a train.
It's FRIDAY, It's a LONG weekend & did I mention it's FRIDAY?
[thank you Friday]
Whoever invented you needs a kiss.
TWICE this week I had to pour boiling water on my car door & in the locks to get my car to unlock. Not okay when it's freezing outside.
My locks are now as easy as a high school girl on prom night!
[So THANK YOU wonderful solution. You made my life a little easier.]
I am SO EXCITED for our Ladies Christmas Party tonight!
Ugly Christmas Sweaters here we come..
Did I mention I have a friend driving down from IDAHO for this??
I have the best friends in the world. You can expect to see some awesome pictures from this.
[thank you awesome friends]
I'm more than a little sad Spencer is seriously scheduled to work Christmas morning.
Enough said.
[No thank-yous for you boss man.]
When your song came on the radio this morning & I was having my own jam session, it hit me like a ton of bricks. HOW APPROPRIATE!!! I thought the song "Like we're gonna die young" was the perfect song to be listening to since it's clearly the end of the world today..
Hopefully today when the world ends I'll go out looking like Kesha.
All sweaty and glittery..
Happy End of the World TODAY Everyone!
I can't wait to hear your stories tomorrow!


  1. First of all, HOLLA because it's FRIDAY! Woo-hoo! Finally. Secondly, you literally made me 'lol' reading "My locks are now as easy as a high school girl on prom night!" Seriously, I lol'd. And thirdly, your husband's boss is the Grinch. I hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Loved reading this! Happy End of the World day! I told my hubby that it needs to be a national holiday now. Love your blog and you are just so pretty!


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