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Monday, December 17, 2012


As all of you know about the horrible and tragic shooting at a Connecticut school this weekend, we know many questions will arise..
Why? How could this be? Who has a heart to do this?
..or no heart for that matter?
One question I've heard multiple times from friends and posts on facebook is,
"Where was God?"
Watch this short news clip, from Mike Huckabee who couldn't have said it better..
Friends, regardless of your beliefs or stands with God, I completely agree with what Mike Huckabee said here.
Where was God?? He most certainly was there.
And is there still comforting those families going through such heartache.
My heart and prayers go to the families of all those involved with this sad situation..
God Bless.


  1. :(
    It's just so sad. It's been on my mind all weekend.

  2. Oh man. I posted a wonderful beautiful speech relating to the tragedy on my blog yesterday. I could reread it daily. It's amazing and puts a lot of more things into perspective & truth. I pray for those families. And hope they can find peace.

  3. Lots of hope and prayers to those families. And I agree. God was there.

    Love, The Skinnys

  4. Thank you for this post Mikell. This tragedy hit me so hard. I literally shut myself in my office on Friday and just sobbed. The one thing that does bring a little bit of comfort in all of this is that every one of the victims is with the Lord. Many prayers to the families and friends of the victims.



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