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Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Letters

I merely look forward to you because I get to wear jeans at work. Which means once a week, I feel like I look decent while sitting at my desk. Thank you Friday.
It's your birthday on Saturday and I'm kind of excited because that means I get dinner and cake! Even though you say you hate your own birthday, festivities and presents.. I think you're lying. I'm excited to give you the same wonderful gift I give you every year..
 The amazing gift of having me as your daughter.

I don't know why I hate you so much. But I do. You give me the worst anxiety and make me sweat. I am literally fearful walking into the building. Maybe the phrase "going postal" has something to do with it?
Anyways, I had to visit you earlier this week to send one of many Christmas packages. Your long lines, hustle and bustle made me more comfortable than the typically quiet tile hall, flickering lights and the smell of fresh-licked stamps. Everyone working was actually nice too. Must be the Christmas Spirit!

Thank you for being patient with me.
Especially when you are volunteered to make gingerbread houses for the Ward Christmas Party you aren't even able to attend, and to clean the rain gutters at my parents house.
.I love you.

In my mind I've always pictured you looking something like this:
Except growing up in the Brockbank Household we know you like Diet Coke better than regular.
False advertising.
..Well last night I went with family to take the girls and the triplets to see you, Santa. I was a little shocked when I turned the corner and realized you are actually Hispanic..
..I had no idea..
CLEARLY I wasn't the only one who was a little more than surprised...


  1. That last photo is HILARIOUS!!! And I had the same experience at the post office yesterday....made me want to kick someone in the head. Happy Birthday to you pappa!

  2. haha, i just love this santa picture! looks like every time i sat on santa's lap when i was little, i was so afraid!

    lindsey louise


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