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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yoga Newbie

Sometimes I feel like I am not patient enough for yoga.
Which is probably why I need yoga....
I took a yoga class in high school and I absolutely loved it.
It was my last class of the day which meant school was ended on a good note no matter how the rest of my classes were.
My cute friend from high school, Kelsey is a Certified Yoga Instructor and she KILLS IT!
[You can find her blog HERE]
She is an Ariel Yoga instructor and did a mini class last night for myself, Kierst & my sister Sherry at The Lab in Orem!
Here are some of the awesome pictures...
Kels showing us some of her awesome moves
This was my favorite pose of the night!
Bringing back the childhood by swinging..
I've heard of it before and have always wanted to try it so I'm super excited Kelsey was willing to do a mini class for us- she's an awesome teacher! 
This is totally my kind of yoga. It was a great upper body/arm work out and a great core workout as well. Relaxing anti-gravity was the coolest feeling.
I got home and laid in bed and my whole body felt aligned it was wonderful.
If this isn't on your bucket list, I highly suggest you put it on there now!
Kelsey teaches at The Lab in Orem 
If you're in the Orem area- TOTALLY GO!
If you are like me and you are NOT in the Orem area... I promise the drive is worth it!


  1. I seriously had so much fun with the class last night!! I can't thank you enough for driving all the provo to come! :) Thank you for posting all these fun pictures too!!!

    1. Thank you for letting us come down! That was so awesome Kels I'm totally hooked! You did such a great job teaching I'm totally excited for you and all of your adventures teaching this!
      Thanks for sending me these pics last night!

  2. That was so fun! Ill have to thank Kelsey again when I see her!~

  3. AHHH! I love yoga! Wish I still lived in the area so I could try this out!!!

  4. Holy cow that looks like a blast! I would be nervous that I would fall on my face :) I'm not the most graceful of people. Still, this is definitely being put on my lists of things to try!

  5. That looks awesome! I've heard of it but didn't really understand.. I love all the pictures! This will be on my bucket list for sure!

  6. Are you serious right now? I have to do this!

    1. It's SO FUN!!
      You don't even realize how much of a work out it is because you're having so much fun!!


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