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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Bachelor

Is anyone else as excited about The Bachelor as I am??

Now that The Walking Dead is on it's season break, I have to look forward to something else for a little while.
I always keep an eye out for the MINUTE the bachelor/bachelorette pictures are up.
Here's THE LINK to see the bachelorette's pictures & profiles!
 Clearly there's going to be a few crazies this season. Just like every other season.
I'm calling it right now:
Kristy is going to be nutso.
And I can already tell I'm going to like Selma.
Now which one of you is going to talk The Bachelor with me?


  1. Um YES.
    Love him. Love the show. Even if it never works out. I wanted him and Emily to get together so much!

    1. I loved him but i LOVE Jef!
      I'm still in denial that they aren't actually a couple.
      My friend ran into Jef last week and I wanted to cry because I wasn't there.
      haha I'm turning into the crazy that wants to see people from the Bachelor!

  2. Oh heck YES I will be talking Bachelor with you! I really liked Sean so I hope he finds someone nice! :)

    I think Catherine and Jackie are adorable; Kristy def looks nutso!!

  3. Oh my gosh...I am OBSESSED with the Bachelor! Love Sean, love the show... I feel a weekly discussion is going to be necessary!!

    1. Yes.. a weekly discussion WILL be happening.
      I'm SO excited for this season to start!

  4. babe i thought the same thing about her. we were destined to be friends.

    1. haha Elsha I literally just laughed out loud.
      I was like.. wow.. these are all pretty decent girls.. then I got to hers. I couldn't even read her bio. My thoughts were "YEP! SHE'S THE CRAZY ONE!"
      ..I'm awful!

  5. Oh. Em. Gee. Soooo excited!

    I just recently started following your blog and I love it! Check out mine if you want, too.


  6. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bachelor/Bachelorette, I don't even try and fight the love, I just embrace it all. So excited for this upcoming season! Thanks for sharing the link :)

  7. I'm calling the Utah chica to be a crazy. Jef is the only one from Utah that has proved himself. Plus I was listening on the radio today that she is in cahoots with Michelle and Bentley, so....

    ah! that man is gorgeous.

    1. uhh.. yeah.. if you heard that she's in the same circle she's GOT TO be nuts!


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