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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ballet Blast!

Lately I've been ALL ABOUT trying new workouts!
But this one has TOPPED the charts!

Last night I went to the Ballet Blast @ Groove The Academy in North Salt Lake.
I went with Kiki, my cousin Noelle & one of her friends!
The beautiful Brianne Johnson taught this class.. she's also the co-host of Good Things Utah on ABC 4 & The Daily Dish on CW30!
(You can find her facebook page HERE! Go "like" it!)
Ballet Blast was a perfect combo of a great core, leg, butt, arm & cardio workout all thrown together with some killer Ballet moves. This was the best full body workout I've had in a while!  I can honestly say I've NEVER sweat at the gym like I did last night.
All of you dancers out there will know ballet is not ballet without great posture.
Doing all of these moves with perfect posture really added to the intensity!
Brianne was totally upbeat the whole time & was awesome to go around the room to help people as the class went along.
She is darling!
Ballet Blast is every Tuesday at 8:00 pm at Groove The Academy
First time is FREE, after that class is $10.00
They are selling a 4 time pass for $30.00

I think the awesome thing about this class is it's perfect for all fitness levels
I loved every minute of it!
If you try it once you will BE HOOKED!



  1. Hmmm, I wonder if there is something like this near Provo.

  2. Is this the new Zumba? This actually sounds extremely awesome. I want to try it!

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  3. this is awesome! I used to dance & miss it...Ill have to look for a class like this by me

  4. I used to do ballet for 12 years, then I quit. It's my only regret ever. Such a fun and graceful way to spend your time. Plus it is a great work out! Glad you liked it! :)

    1. ugh me too.. I'm so bummed I quit. I saw a billboard the other day for the ballet and I wanted to cry.. I always go and I'm so envious that my body is no longer able to move like that!

      goooood times!


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