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Monday, January 14, 2013

Bye Bye Christmas Tree

I've been avoiding taking our Christmas tree down considering it's the third week of January now...
I guess I've been hoping that I'd walk in the front door to find it magically boxed itself up and stored itself away in our freezing outside storage closet.
No such luck.
This past weekend I finally got around to taking all the ornaments down. I still took my sweet time in attempts to avoid the inevitable.
I boxed up all of the holiday decorations & wanted to Kim Kardashian Ugly Cry as a piece of my soul went into storage along with the pretty garlands and glass ornaments.
I was even so sad to put my Justin Beiber Christmas CD away I made SURE it was pressed up against the clear box so it would be the first thing I saw next year when it was time to decorate again.

 Even though I'm so bummed the Holidays are over, I'm so excited for upcoming events!
Valentine's day first of all...

See ya next year Christmas Tree! 


  1. I had to take our tree down a week before Christmas, I'll trade you :)

  2. I hate having to take my Christmas tree down. I want it to stay up year round. My boyfriend made us take it down 2 days after Christmas. What a snoozeball.


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