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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fact Link-Up

I always love reading informative posts about other bloggers.
[In a totally creepy I want to get to know you way.] 
 I love filling them out as well, which is why I'm linking up to the lovely Whitney's blog over at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work!

I absolutely hate showering.
ehh, let me rephrase. I absolutely hate washing my hair.
It takes WAY too long to half air-dry, half blow dry, then straighten..
& don't even think I can get away with not flat-ironing my hair.

My bangs look like ruffled bird feathers if I don't.
It's not pretty.
If I was bald, I'd love showering to wash my hair.
Dry shampoo, baby powder & baseball hats are my bff's.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone jumps in a convo and gives their two cents.
Like..... I'm sorry, I wasn't talking to you..??
Mostly this happens when I'm at work & unfortunately it's not socially acceptable to punch someone in the work place.

I love buying new clothes.
But I don't like to wear them right away. I let them sit in my closet for days, weeks even months sometimes before I will take them out to wear them.
I like to keep the new-factor to last as long as possible.

One time I ran into Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale at the mall in SLC.
I literally turned into one of those crazed fans that screams and yells.
They both ran.
Not a proud moment.

Spencer and I go through weird watching-TV-series phases.
So far we've watched all of The Walking Dead, My Name is Earl, Arrested Development, Friday Night Lights, Parks and Rec, Prison Break, season 1-2 of Modern Family...
..I'm sure I'm missing a few..
what can I say, we like our shows.

I don't like anything cold on my teeth.
cold air, cold water, ice, Popsicles, ice cream...
If you are one of those people that can bite your ice cream, you make me cringe!

I get hangry really bad.
(Angry from being so hungry..)
Fact is.. I hate this saying.
 ...Well CLEARLY I'm not a dog...
But if rewarding myself with a donut after an hour of body combat is wrong, then baby I don't want to be right!

What are some of YOUR facts?
Don't forget to link up to Whitney's blog, HERE!



  1. Ahhh, love these posts!
    My husband is one of those people that bites his ice cream, it makes me want to die. I can't handle it. Or even thinking about it for that matter. Ugh.

    Have y'all watched Sons of Anarchy yet? That show is addicting, I swear! Plus, seeing Charlie Hunnam is eye candy & good for the soul. ;)

  2. hahaha i love this.
    and i totally go through the tv watching phase with my husband.
    also hangry, totally. my husband has diabetes and he can get really hangry.


  3. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! I am the same way with new clothes. I am in fact wearing a new dress I have had for months. I will buy something and just hide it away and wear it months later!

  4. I do the same things with new clothes. I always sit there and stare at them hanging in my closet but refuse to wear them for at least a week. So weird! Isn't Prison Break so good?!

    1. UGH Prison Break is SO addicting!!
      I looovee it!

  5. I have such a hanger problem that Taylor will NOT get in the car with me unless I've packed a snack. One time he pulled over to get a snack on the way TO a restaurant because he couldn't deal with me anymore. And I can't quit laughing about you screaming in the faces of the Tis & Vanessa Hudgens. Hahaha! Glad you found my blog!

  6. Thanks for the bracelet love! I totally reward myself with something sweet. If I don't eat one bad thing I turn into a crazy person haha. Thanks for the comment. Following you back gorgeous!


  7. i love learning more about you. cuz it just solidifies the fact that i lOVE the shiz out of you girl :)

    1. Love you Boo!
      Lets get real serious about this girls weekend thing!


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