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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Letters

Going to you once a year is once too many if you ask me!
You are scary, your hands are cold & you make me sweat like a fat kid in a candy shop.
My little ginger Natalie, aka Fatalie moved to Hawaii for schoolio.
Now that she's moved from Salt Lake City (infamous for minivans with family stickers on the back window) to palm trees & ocean breeze, you can follow her adventures HERE
You won't regret it, she's  super cute AND funny.
(The D is silent.)
I would highly recommend it if you can stomach watching a Quentin Tarantino movie for 3 hours.

DEAR (attempted) PHONE THEIF:
You found my phone, SHUT IT OFF & I couldn't call OR track my phone.  

A complete stranger had my phone containing over 70 videos & 4,795 photos that seriously mean so much to me.
4,795 photos.. you read that correctly..
I'm happy to have my phone back THANKS TO MY MOM who went back and demanded hand it over.
CLEARLY I would have lost some real photo gems..

I'm coming to you more often but you are still not quite on my friends list.
I can thank my sweet husband though for the glutamine pills in my stocking- and I can still barely move.

I have such a love/hate relationship with you. I love you until it snows like it did last night. My car was completely snowed in with NO chances of getting out. Thank you brother for the ride to work, and thank you bosses for understanding why I was an hour and a half late!

Last month my facebook started acting all crazy and wouldn't let me share any blog posts. Then my instagram stopped working- anytime someone tagged me in a post it wouldn't show up & I realized most of my captions never showed up either. I realized it was my blog link- so I had to change it.
It you try to use the old link it will tell you it's no longer there- I DIDN'T ERASE MY BLOG :)

The new address is:

I had to add "the" - and my instagram is now working as well as my blog posts on facebook.
I have NO IDEA why it was doing this- if any of you know, PLEASE, enlighten me!

Happy Friday I hope everyone is warm and safe!



  1. Oh my goodness, how good was Django!?! Amazing! As for snow, it's really pretty, but if it could only fall on the lawn and not anywhere that walk, run or drive, that'd be awesome!

  2. We saw Django too, I thought it was really good! & don't worry, once you have a baby going to the OBGYN will be a breeze! I thought you only had to go every 2 years now though? They changed it from being recommended every year to every 2 years.

    1. I wish I could only go every 2 years- I have to go once a year if I want to get a refil on my birth control!

  3. Ohhh gahh the OBGYN.. worst day of the entire year!


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