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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hair Troubles

Most of you probably know by now that I get bored with my hairstyles/color real fast.
It's been everything from short & black to long and blonde.
Bangs, no bangs, swoopy bangs..
.. you name it.. it's probably been on my head at some point or another.
I want it short.
WAIT NO! I want it really really long.
I want it brown.
Nope. It needs to be red.
or do I want it really blonde?
I blame Pinterest.
Every time I log in I'm bombarded with pictures of beautiful hair of all sorts!
Maybe I'll do BLUE OMBRE next time! 
Just kidding mom.

Am I the only one with conflicting feelings from Pinterest!?


  1. Definitely not girl...have you seen Marion Cotillard's bob she's been rocking this awards season? DYING for it. But also know I could never pull it off. And need hair for my wedding in 2 months.

  2. Oh man, I'm the opposite. Doing my hair always seems like a hassle, so I've kept it long and one length for a few years now. Exciting... no. Easy-cheesy... yes.

  3. Pinterest is the best and worst creation of all time!

  4. i have the same problem however i sit in the styling chair and then totally chicken out. i think it might be my biggest fear, no joke. one day i will over come it mark my words. i love it when a girl can totally pull an emma watson pixie cut and ROCK IT. and ive been totally eye candying the lavender hair lately... am i nuts?!

    1. um NO that's not nuts!!
      I've seen SOO MANY cute pictures of fun colored hair- lavender included. I would loooove to do something like that.. but I totally chicken out. I'm pretty brave with cutting it, but.. not pixie cut brave. I saw a girl at a 5k race I did one time and she was running in front of me and had THE CUTEST short pixie cut with a little swoopy thing goin on at the top.. I felt like such a creeper I couldn't stop staring at her hair it was so awesome!

  5. I'm with you on this one! When looking at Pinterest I get extreme hair envy

  6. Seriously! I've always thought that hair is like our own personal canvas that we take with everywhere so how can we not want to change it up a little, or a lot, every now and again. I'm still growing mine out from when I cut it boy short, so I'm wanting mine long and natural...and I'm sticking to it! Even though every now and again I feel your pain of wanting it short again or dyeing it, I have to HAVE TO grow it out, I miss putting it in a messy bun.
    I am absolutely sure you wanted to hear my ramblings and story, LOL Sorry.
    Hair is a big one for me.
    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures, I blame Pinterest too.

  7. I haven't dyed my hair since before I found out I was pregnant, (that's almost TWO YEARS)! I've been itchin' to dye it but as you said Pinterest is good and bad, one day you think you know exactly what you want and then the next someone has pinned super cute hair in the complete opposite color. It's frustrating, I understand your problem.


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