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Friday, February 1, 2013

Month of Lovins!

I've always loved February for two reasons..
1. January is over!
2. Valentine's Day Month!
Here is an easy Valentine's Day craft & it's totally cute!
*you can also get all of these items 40% off with a coupon at Michael's Craft!*
-A canvas board (any size is good- I like square)
-Elmer's Glue (make sure it's white!)
-small paint brush
-glitter of your choice
-A folder of some sort, card stock or newspaper

I wanted something cute for Valentine's Day so I decided to go with XOXO
You can usually google image anything you want to glitter, the trick is to make sure you google image "silhouette" with most of your searches!
I found this XOXO template online HERE!
Find a Valentine's template online that you like & print it.
[Some other cute ideas would be a heart, cupid or lips!]
Cut out your template and lightly trace it onto your canvas board!
Squirt a good size puddle of Elmer's Glue onto a disposable plate.
Use your paint brush to apply the glue to any areas you want glitter.
Make sure you get as CLOSE to the edge as possible..
When applying the glue, I like to go over the edges just a little bit so they don't show through the glitter.
*On this step only do one letter at a time!!*
(I chose pink & red glitter for my board. I like the smaller tubs because they are cheap & they go a long way!)
Next you'll sprinkle the glitter over the glued letter- apply generously!
Gently tap the glitter to make sure it's stuck down in the glue.
Since I decided to do the X's red, I put glue down on my last X since I already have red glitter on my board.
Repeat the steps above!
This is where your folder comes in handy!
Carefully slide the glitter off onto your folder- (you can also use a newspaper or card stock, anything that you can fold in half to get the extra glitter back in the container!)
Gently tap the backside of your canvas board to get any extra glitter off.
If there are any white spots in between the glitter you didn't use enough glue!
You can go back over the white spots with dabs of glue and fill in the spots with glitter.
I repeated the exact same steps with my O's & the pink glitter
& J'ai fini!!
When you are finished lay your canvas board on a flat surface and let it dry for at least 24 hours! This will prevent any glitter from coming off or getting smeared!


  1. oh my gosh! this is so cute! Just might have to attempt one more DIY project before love day is over:)

  2. This is so cute! Love all the DIYs for Valentine's Day going around. (:

  3. SO dang cute! i totally want to make my own!


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