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Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update

Today I'm linking up with Sami's Shenanigans for a weekend update!
Since I was a little MIA this past week I'm doing two weekend updates into one.
.Here are my weekends according to my iphone.
Kierst & I went to see Ke$ha's concert at Park City Live!
.Life complete.
(Photo bombing at it's finest..)
I am literally still cleaning up glitter everywhere.
In my car, in my hair, in the cracks of my phone, all over our house, in my wallet..
Got snowed in (again) & played with Winston.
Got Sick (again..) but went to a movie (I liked it, Spencer didn't love it....)
And of course, Watched the Super Bowl with the fam & this little pup!

What is YOUR weekend update? Link up to Sami!


  1. I want to see Warm Bodies so bad! I'm still trying to convince my husband to go with me... maybe I'll lie and tell him my bloggy friends & their husbands loved it.... I really probably shouldn't say that. I'm going to end up being that weird, lame girl sitting alone in a movie theater because nobody wants to go see it with me. No shame.

    But really, I want Winston. SO CUTE.

    1. Just tell him everyone you know likes it.. you don't have to say every GIRL you know likes it! hahah

  2. Those photobomb pictures are hilarious! I've always wanted to photobomb other people haha
    I hope you feel better soon!

    1. haha i know right?! Have you seen the pictures (on pinterest, of course..) of celebrities photobombing other celebs? It's hilarious!

  3. I liked warm bodies too! It wasn't overly comedic like I thought it would be but it was fun and different... good music too!

  4. Ummmm...your bunny is adorable and I want one. Also, didn't some comedian say that glitter is like the herpes of craft supplies or something? That stuff just won't go away.

    1. Yeah well it's TOTALLY true..
      Spencer will randomly be like.. there's glitter on your face.... TWO WEEKS after the concert and I'm still finding glitter everywhere!

  5. Glitter always gets everywhere! Its a love/hate relationship! I saw Warm Bodies also and I liked it! I thought it was really cute! Except for those "boneys" they creeped me out. And I also got sick, so we had a very similar weekend! Found you from the link up!

    1. BOOO for getting SICK!
      i haaate being sick.

      I also hated the boneys.. I didn't like that part at all!!
      Glad you found me through the link up thanks for stoppin by!!

  6. Dang, girl! You went ALL out. Glitter-tastic!


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