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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

5 Types of Annoying People

 When I was driving to work the other day I heard this segment on the radio:

*keep in mind these come from a stat on the radio- not me*

1. Loud Neighbors.
Example: Our neighbors that yell at their kids all day long.
How to deal with them: Knock on their door and tell them they are being loud. Most of the time they don't even realize how loud they really are being!
2. Friends that are always Late.
Example: You made plans two hours ago and you're STILL waiting..  
How to deal with them: Kindly let them know they are the friend you're always waiting on. Tell them to meet you earlier.
3. Overbearing Family Members
Example: A family member that tells you how to raise a child
How to deal with them: Set clear boundaries with them.
4. People that LOVE an argument.
Example: No matter what you say, they'll come back with a contradicting statement.
(Even when they know they are wrong)
How to deal with them: Try to avoid arguing all together- you'll never be right
(even if you really are!)
5. People who cut in line.
Example: When I'm ready to order food and someone walks right up and orders away.
How to deal with them: Try not to get angry, let it go, or nicely tap them on the shoulder to let them know there is actually a line..
Okay , a lot of these I agree with & can think of a person or a situation to fit every single category. BUT if I were to write my own list, it would go something like this...
1. People who don't mind their business.
Example: Guess what I heard about so-and-so
What I'd like to say: Say, "Ooooh I didn't realize that was any of your business!"
2. People who butt into a conversation.
Example: This happened to me this morning.
What I did say: "Oooh like, I'm sorry, was I talking to you??"
3. People who drive like idiots.
Example: They are clearly not paying attention.
What I'd like do: Lay on the horn and throw my hands up like "DUHHH..!!"

4. Adults who chew with their mouths open.
Example: you can hear their food.
What I'd like to say: "Excuse me, are you a human or an animal?"
5. People who are oblivious to those around them.
Example: people at the grocery store who take up an entire aisle with their cart.
What I'd like to say: "Yeah, you're right.. you're the only one at the grocery store.."
6. People who don't know what's appropriate or not.
Example: Comments on facebook that are rude, annoying or immature.
What I'd like to say: "How in the H*** have you made it this far in life??"
*Disclaimer: Notice how I only listed facebook. I feel people have the right to say whatever they'd like on any social media sites- instagram, twitter, blogs etc. (facebook included) But facebook annoys me the most.*
To be completely honest the list of things people do that completely irritate me goes on and on and on. But I've decided to not get too specific, so I kept my list at a short 5.
What would be on your list of things that TOTALLY ANNOY you?!


  1. people who are always "mooching" money/food/rides/etc. I love to be generous, but when people take advantage its soooo annoying.

    ha - also avoiding facebook right now... I totally respect someone else's opinion but hate it when they try to force feed their opinion to me or others (aka all of the rude comments that are going back and forth all over FB). drives me NUTS.

    1. Oh Kelsey.. Don't even get me started on this shenanigans.
      I deleted so many people this morning. I don't care what people's opinions are- they're all entitled to have an opinion. But when you're intolerant and rude towards ANY other human being.. I don't want to know about it. Resulting in a deleting spree..

  2. Awesome post haha. #4 is SUCH a big pet peeve for me!

  3. The shopping cart in the middle of the aisle killlls me! I kind of can't stand how far people will go to get free stuff... like for reals you can't pay 2 bucks for that froyo? Yeah, I'd like to be a crazy couponer in a way, but I wouldn't take it as far as lots of people do.

  4. This is great....overbearing family members are on the top of my list- BACK OFF, PEOPLE! Especially those that tell you how to raise your kids. Noooo thank you. Also people who don't know what's appropriate or not...think before you speak! Not that hard.

      I hate when family members say, "so I heard you..."
      oh okay just make it clear and known that you were all talking about me. hahah so annoying!!


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