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Monday, March 25, 2013

Invisible Eyebrows

I've had a few people ask me lately if my eyebrows are tattooed on.
The answer is no. As much as that would help my morning make up routine- I probably won't have dark hair forever & when/if I'm blonde again- my almost-black eyebrows wouldn't look so hot anymore.
Today I'm going to show you what a HUGE difference penciling/powdering/(tattooing) your eyebrows can make!
As you can see here, my blonde eyebrows are practically invisible. We'll fix that!
  •  I REALLY like this brow powder made by Anastasia. It has two tones in it for blending & comes in shades for every hair color. Although it may be tiny, it lasts FOREVER! You can find it in stores at Sephora, or online HERE!
  • One of the KEY tools you'll need if you are going to use a powder is an angled eyebrow brush. You can also find this in stores at Sephora, or online HERE!
  • My favorite clear mascara is from Covergirl. I usually buy mine at Target! Buy online HERE

As you can see this powder has two different shades- Use this to your advantage- blend, mix & try different colors to see what looks best on you!
The brush is angled for a reason! It should help to create the start of your brow. I used these pictures side by side so you can see how you should place the brush on each side.
Create a fine line to start your brow. I usually use the lighter shade in the brow powder so it's not too dark! (The inner corners is where I have the LEAST definition.)
Turn your brush so you can easily start to fill in the rest of your brow. THIS is the fun part because you can shape your brows how you want them. Sometimes I make them arch a little more than usual for a more dramatic look
When filling in your eyebrows you can use your angled brush to "check them"
  • When you hold your brush directly at the side of your nose, it indicates where your brows should start!
  • If you hold your brush from the tip of your nose directly across your pupil at an angle, that should be the highest part of your arch!
  • If you hold your brush from your nose to the outer corner of your eye, it should indicate where the tip of your brow should be!

Lightly brush a coat of clear mascara over your brows for an all day finish!
Compare brows to no brows- it makes a huuuge difference!
Have fun trying different shapes & shades for more dramatic looks!


  1. i love this for the pics alone...the tutorial is great BUT the faces...priceless!

    it was one of those mornings where I didn't get to paint eyebrows on. WOOF.

  2. I'm lucky if I pluck my brows, let alone shape 'em. You're amazing, as always. I need to go buy myself some brow powder asap.

  3. you're so cute! you did such a good job! both of my brows are on the sparse side and i generally use a pencil with small strokes but i do need to get one of those angled brushes & try the filler shadow.

  4. omg no. your eyebrows are too long on the ends and the blunt straight inner edges looks so unnatural. no more makeup tutorials for you.


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