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Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's Fab 5

I swear the full week back to work after having a short week for a holiday is always the worst. It feels like the week doubles. Maybe even triples.
Today I'm linking up with one of my home girls- Elle (or Lindsey..) from Life on Countryside. You'll be hearing a lot more about this girl because we are quickly becoming friends & I love her.

1. My Cosmopolitan Magazines.
Everything in this magazine is pink & sparkly- there's awesome pictures & smell good samples. Beauty tips & much much MUUUCh more. What's not to like? Cozied up on the couch with my cabin socks on- cosmo on lap. Life is goooooooood.
2. Pickles.
Lately I've been craving these suckers like a pregnant woman. Don't you fret though. After my post yesterday, I am most definitely not pregnant.
We went to Jimmy John's the other night, & ALL I WANTED was a big pickle.
Pickles for dinner. That is all.
I also sang the pickle song from The Little Rascals while I ate it.  
3. Julep Maven Quick Dry Polish Drops
If you still have not signed up for Julep Maven.. what the H-E-double hockey sticks are you waiting for. Seriously? You can sign up HERE 
These quick dry drops make painting my nails not such a pain in my butt. I hate it when my nails are wet for the next 3 minutes. And if you are anything like me.. ain't nobody got time for that.
You paint your nails & while they are still wet, use the little dropper to put some of this on your wet nails and IMMEDIATELY they are dry! Not kidding. Best invention EVER.
4. This Video.
There are No Words.
FYI: if you are someone that is going to be offended or going to complain to me or anyone else that there's a video of pole dancing on my blog.. do not click play.. and skip ahead to #5.
 5. This picture of Kim Kardashian
Something looks similar but I just CANNOT put my finger on it...



  1. Yay! I love you too! I love pickles too and Cosmo.


  2. I love pickles as well as Jimmy Johns and I wish Kim K. would accept that she is preg!

  3. OMG the Kim K picture is too much! hahaha I can't wait to see how much bigger her butt is going to get. It's going to be amazing!

  4. I totally watch those professional pole dancing performances. They are amazing... and its really an art! Trust me, I have seen what happens in the clubs. It is not an art in the clubs lol!

  5. ok this dancer in amazing. She is beautiful and so strong! I'm sitting here eating pizza and can only do 3 push-ups and she is doing that...what have I done with my life?

  6. Love that I found your blog and just got done reading Cosmo!

  7. I love love pickles! I had a huge one the other day that I posted on my blog, the name of it was "big papa" haha. Love it! Hope you're having a good weekend. Found ya on life on countryside!


  8. Oh my goodness that picture of Kim k is horrible!

    Xo, b

  9. that video.. insane!! Loved it!!

  10. so... I am DYING to take a pole dance class!! I need a friend though, we should sign up and take a class together sometime! I've heard Studio Soiree in SLC is amazing. :)

    1. KELSEY!
      I am not kidding I am totally in..
      I'm looking into it RIGHT NOW!


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