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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Mommy!


I looked up the definition of a Super Mom on UD & this is what it says:
1.Super Mom

Fun, energetic Moms who love parenting. Not the stereotype of the women who wear pearls and greet their mate at the door with a casserole in hand, these moms have thrown off the pearls and donned jeans and t-shirts instead. The habitat they are most likely to be found in is the playground, the grocery store in the organic produce section, the closest library or participating with their kids in any fun activity you can think of.

Not to be confused with Moms who think they are wearing proverbial capes and can "do it all". Super Moms are just having super fun!
"She's a super mom, she really cares about her kids and is always doing fun things with them!"
My mom's duties:
 -runs my dad's business
-runs the house
-loves my dad (if any of you know my dad he's wonderful but he can also be a big baby!)
-does all the grocery shopping
-takes care of all the bills
-has 3 children who have all turned out great (well.. Natalie I'm not so sure about.. but the other two of us are fine..)
-Takes care of the puppies
-mows the lawn & does the yard work
 and somehow manages to be the best mom and my best friend.
All of her wonderful qualities she got from a mom who loved & cared for her!
(Good Job Pink Gma!)
She is the definition of a super mom!
My mom is hilarious & can joke around with all of us kids which is super awesome because most moms are sticks in the mud. But not my mom!
She's got the best "that's what she said" jokes out of all of us..

My sweet mom is someone I can always count on.. even though she's late for most occasions.
(She did NOT get that from pink Gma..)
She is so sweet to everyone & taught me through example at a young age how to serve others and love others.
My mom is a really good listener & problem solver. She's always willing to listen to me vent, cry or complain and offers good advice. Or sometimes just holds me, which means even more!
There are some genes my mom did not pass down to me
*hint: see the picture above of her in the blue shirt.....*
But I CAN say that I can give my mom credit for the good qualities I do have!
Except for the eyelashes. those are straight up from dad.

Dear Mom,
Thank you so much for always being so supportive, loving and caring.
I am so thankful for you every single day & I'm so thankful I live close enough to stop by to see you whenever I want! You are the best mom a girl could ask for.. I wouldn't have picked anyone else!!
You are amazing.


Happy Birthday Mama
Happy Birthay Mom

Happy Birthday Mema
Happy Birthday Mamadre
Happy Birthday Maaaam
Happy Birthday Lois!


  1. This is so sweet! I just loved reading this! Happy Birthday to your mama! (:

  2. Happy Birthday Mom! since you are my twiney - that means we also share moms. k? k!

  3. Mikell, I am blushing! You forgot to mention how good I am at laundry! I am amazed at your writing abilities! Another quality I failed to pass on to you! You continue to amaze and delight me! I love you!!!! So put down your phone for a second and give me a hug!!!!And for heavens sake, quit taking pictures of me!

  4. Soooo adorable! Those pics are super cute! Happy birthday to your mom! I think my mom would fall under the super mom category too! Such an awesome thing when you have a great relationship with your mom! Looking forward to following you :-)

  5. Great post! I love your mom! She is a hoot! I hope you had fun celebrating together.


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