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Monday, March 18, 2013

Anniversary Weekend

Time for weekend Shenanigans!
I was so bad at taking pictures of us this weekend- Spencer probably loved not having a camera constantly in his face..

Alright here we go..
 1. Played with Winston. Of course. He got to play in the grass at Pink Gma's house!
2. Went to City Creek with these lovely ladies for some shopping (splurged on a lipstick at Mac) and we dinner at Red Iguana.  We also ran a few other secret errands & ended up at the WX LAX game to watch Spencer coach. (WX won. YAY!)
3 & 4. Celebrated our 1 year anniversary on Saturday! All day we seriously could not believe that it's really been a year. Where does the time go?!
5. We went to Starbucks to get our favorite summery drink- We drank these in Puerto Rico like they were goin out of style. It's probably the main contributor to my "after marriage weight gain." whatevs.
6. We went to Megan & Aaron's Wedding reception on our anniversary night- the coincidence of this day is insane. I am SO happy for Megan and she will ALWAYS hold a very special place in my heart. I love her dearly and I'm so excited she is happy- she looked Beautiful and her dress was amazing. (Apparently this is my wedding-go-to outfit..?)
7. Spencer and I got all dressed up and went to dinner at Trio- but, like I said I was horrible at taking decent pictures this weekend so you don't get a picture of Trio. Trust me, it was delicious.
8. I resisted the urge I had all day on our anniversary to wear my new MAC lipstick- Spencer hates it when I wear lipstick so I rocked it at church yesterday instead.
Absolute new favorite color! BAM!
Annnddd... of course, I topped the weekend off with The Walking Dead.
HELLO?! Only 2 more episodes left of the season?! NOOOOO!!
What in the heck is going to happen with Andrea and the Governor!?


  1. Every time you post a picture of Winston I die a little inside, he's the cutest most fluffy little creature on the planet. I love your lipstick and my boyfriend hates it when I wear lipstick too...silly boys!
    Oh and Happy One Year Anniversary!


  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!!! :)

  3. Congrats on the Anniversary! You look awesome as a blonde! And that lipstick such a nice color. I dont wear lipstick so I love it when others are adventurous with colors :)

  4. gosh I just can't get enough of that little bunny!!!
    Happy Anniversary...again! :)
    need that lipstick too...duh!

  5. Holy starbux deliciousness! What is that!?

    1. Sarah! It's a double chocolatey chip frap- I like to add "extra caramel" It's SO GOOD!!!


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