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Friday, March 8, 2013

Remember That One Time...

..when I had bad luck with restaurants for like a full week?
This one particular week in my life I ate out twice. Two different times.
(Which is 5 days less than I normally eat out in a week..)
Both trips to TWO different restaurants resulted in me wanting to cry. 
This first experience I can only write about, because I sure as hell did not take a picture to document. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.
I'm sitting with my sisssssy & my gpa for breakfast & I'm patiently waiting for my orange juice. I've already taken 5 of 6 big swigs of my ice water. Delicious.
Still waiting patiently for my OJ. I'm not suuuper patient so I start spinning my drink around and around on the table. My drink stops spinning, but SOMETHING at the BOTTOM of my drink does not stop spinning.
That's right folks. A big black pube.
The hair bulb just stuck right to the bottom of my glass.
...ya know.. the one I ALREADY DRANK FROM!?
Okay.. now let's get this out of the way.
I am pretty confrontational. Spencer hates it.
I will complain, I will send my food back, I will not hold back. I am not afraid.
BUT I JUST COULDN'T DO IT! I didn't have the heart this time.
Where was Mikell when I needed her?!
Natalie & I about died as papa kept asking over and over what we were laughing about.
Nothing Papa.
Needless to say, I was relieved when my OJ came out & asked the waitress to remove the water glass from the table
I had a lovely breakfast
The end.
On to Story #2...
Our last night with Nat before she went to Hawaii.
Her choice for dinner. She picked one of my personal favorites.
They have THE BEST ____________ & ___________
I've ever tasted.
(Notice how I'm giving NO hints as to where we ate..)
Water glass. Stoked for my ice water, waiting patiently for my food.
Again, I've had about 5 or 6 big swigs of water. Delicious.
Water half gone.. See something at the bottom of my glass.
I scoop it out of my glass with a spoon and hand it to my dad.
At this point Natalie & I are both hysterical laughing.
What is with my luck & ice water!? That's right folks. A Metal Staple.
I'm not talking the kind you staple papers together with.
I'm talking the INDUSTRIAL KIND. (see Below..)
This time my dad said something. "Can we get another water... WITHOUT the staple?!"
Thankfully they were super cool about it.. (as they should be..)
But more thankfully I was cool about it.
I mean.. Like I said, their food is amaze-balls.
If you didn't already notice, I didn't list the name of either restaurant.
Probably because I love them both so much.
And I'll always eat there no matter what.
So.. remember that one time I had bad luck with restaurants?


  1. I think the lesson learned is to check your water from here on out, which I'm sure you'll do in the near future!

  2. wow...maybe you should just forgo the water from now on? I am also the same way. I send food back and complain all the time....most people are not a fan of my approach!


  3. I hope you were feeling confrontational by the second incident! That would have driven me crazy:( I'm glad you have such a good attitude, because there would be inappropriate words coming out of my mouth if it happened to me.

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