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Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Monday
Time for another Weekend Shenanigans Link up with Sami!

Friday I had QUITE the day at work. (About 14 hours..)
I knew I would be STARVING by the time the second half of my shift rolled around & I wasn't able to leave work. My boss Ryan is pretty much the best & offered to get me Noodles & Company on his way back up to work.
I agreed.. (like I would EVER pass up Noodles & Company..!)
 This is how it turned out after I put the pick up name under UNICORN.
 Don't mind the HIDEOUS still shot of my face in the last frame. I was pretty upset thinking I really wasn't going to get my food. I ended up getting my Large bowl of Mac & Cheese- But Ryan drove across town to go to another Noodles & Co location.
One that didn't have UNICORN as the pick up name. HAHAH he's a good sport!

1. I made this bouquet for my friend Alie's wedding! Pretty proud.

2. I could NOT get enough of her dress.. look at the back..!!

3. Patiently waiting for the wedding to start..
4. Check out the front of her dress. I die.
5. After the wedding I stopped by Woods Cross High to support the Lacrosse Team & my cute coach husband. That's him there with the cute bum.
6. Although I enjoyed looking out my window to see NO snow in the parking lot (FINALLY)
This daylight savings crap screws me up EVERY TIME!
7. There's Winston in his corner- OUT COLD. Daylight savings gets him too.
His little toy bunny is waiting to be played with.
p.s. pretty awesome wood sign on the table right? My mom bought me that for Christmas.
I saw my Relief Society Presidency suspiciously eyeing it when they came to visit.

8. I watched Kung Fu Panda with this little guy..
9. And CLEARLY finished the weekend off right with the fam by watching an episode of The Walking Dead. Daryl wins zombie kill of the night. AGAIN!

I hope everyone had a great weekend..
I think I'm still trying to wake up..


  1. lol nice work...sounds like something I would do.
    though...I have no one here that would pick up food for me!

  2. i am moving to Utah - just giving you a warning. Pass that on to hubby dearest k? k!

  3. Fun weekend and I've decided The Walking Dead will always top off any weekend! :)

  4. hahahahaha best phone call of my literal life.

  5. Hahaha I laughed so hard watching that video!
    And one of the prettiest dresses ever!!

  6. That bouquet is gorgeous!!
    I don't know why, but at first glance, I thought Winston was a pig hahah

    1. HAHA well he eats like one so maybe that counts?


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