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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Is This Real Life?

Today is my day to complain vent.
Choose to read or not- Don't really care, but this has NOT been my day.
I've been having some problems with my eyes (post on this to come..) Well when I woke up this morning I was blind.. and quite frankly a little panicked.
Started the WORST period ever. (TMI? Sorry I'm not sorry)
Got my vision back eventually but then there was something in my eye. HURT SO BAD. Couldn't see what it was to get it out, tried eye drops, tried wiping my eye- nothing helped. Over it already.
Winston wanted to be naughty this morning & kept jumping on the couches when I wasn't looking so I fed him and put him in his cage. Well he knocked over his hay dispenser so he couldn't get to his food anymore. So I opened his cage to help the little dude out and he jumped out of his cage and ran. I did not have time for this. Bribed him with a carrot & the little bugger grabbed it and ran. Again. Win win for him- he got a carrot & still was not in his cage.
Finally I got him in his cage.
I don't think I've ever talked about my anxiety with my closet (another post to come on this..) I could NOT figure out what to wear. Meanwhile my anxiety levels are through the roof. Threw on a brown shirt & my go-to cardigan, threw on a scarf & THEN could NOT find my pants. Had to go with my brown cords- went to change my shirt to a white one- and realized it was dirty. Now I have a brown shirt & brown pants on and I look like a brown crayola crayon. Sue me.
I thought yesterday was a bad hair day. Well haha was that a joke Because TODAY was a bad hair day- times 10!
Threw my hair in a pony tail & my elastic broke.
Threw my hair up into another pony tail with a new elastic. Moved my arm down & a huge chunk of my hair got caught in my bracelet and pulled my hair out of my pony.
REDID (is that even correct grammar?) my pony for the THIRD time & missed a chunk of hair in the back.
By now I want to scream.
Threw my up for the FOURTH time attempting a messy pony- thinking that will work wonders & my hair tangles up into a big knot. I have to CUT OUT MY ELASTIC! this real life...?
By now I have screamed & I want to cry.
Attempt #3 for messy pony.
Third time is a charm. Praise.

Now I just want to text Spencer and tell him I'm a mess.
But I realize he left his phone at home and now he can't hear me complain.

Now I can't find my shoes.
Search in the bedroom, in the second bedroom, in the kitchen, in the closet..
Finally find them in the shoe box- right where I left them. DUH.
Now I Go to leave for work & look at my clock to realize I should have BEEN at work 10 minutes ago. And I've got a 25 minute drive. Lovely.
Boss texts me "Where are you?"
Finally get to work 30 minutes late.
And realize how many cars come to the same parking lot within 30 minutes.
Now I have a 15 minute walk into work because I had to park out in BFE!
Add the worst cramps in 'merica on top of that.
Today I just want to crawl back into bed.
& wake up tomorrow.
......Is it Friday yet...??
If you made it all the way through this post congratulations.
You are a true friend.


  1. You don't know me but, I have those days! It will get better!!

    1. You are sweet- thank you for stopping by and for leaving a comment! Here's to today being BETTER! Hope your day is fabulous! xoxo

  2. oh twiney...I am here for you even if I am in MN and you are in never never land otherwise known as U to the TAH.

    I heart you, and Friday is almost here. Time to plan a BLATE trip to the UT I think.


    1. Seriously come visit me.
      We can sleep in & stay up late and spend lots of money on beauty products we don't need. Ulta here we come!

  3. Awh you poor thing! I hope your day gets much better! Today isn't looking too great for me either but not nearly as bad as yours. Just think it's overall a bad day for a couple people. Here's to hoping it gets better!

    1. Becca,
      I just went to add you on facebook- where the crap is your ADD AS FRIEND button?

  4. I hate days like this! I know exactly what you're talking about! Except mine usually have me stubbing my toes which REALLY sets me off haha!

    I hate days like this one you just listed, the only advice i can give...try to get through the day without saying something you regret (been there done that) because of frustration/anger and then get home and watch your favorite movie and get some sleep. :(

  6. Girl, I feel ya! I had one of those days yesterday too. The low low points being I went to the dermotologist for my spider bites and found out 1. they had gotten infected with staph, so now I have to cover them up like a leper and take strong antibiotics 4 X a day and 2. The doc just happened to see a couple moles he thought were sketchy so I had to get 3 moles cut off my body.

    so I came in with a few spider bites and left with 3 open wounds and a staph infection. FML.

    Ha, sometimes it feel GOOD to just vent about it!

    Hope today goes better for both of us :)

    Ha, hope

  7. I hate trying to find crap and it is in the last place you think it'll ever be, because we are always SO sure of where we saw it last. poo, hope you have a better day!

  8. Tomorrow is going to be a MUCH better day!!!! :) xoxo

  9. Ooh Girl! Days like that are horrible! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday:) Hooray. If its just as bad, I give you full permission to just crawl back into bed till Saturday. No Harm Done.!

    Get feeling better, and get those darn eyes checked.

    xoxo kenz

  10. I feel your pain Kell, today was... a HORRIBLE hair day for me... flat iron.. broke. boo. Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  11. Bad periods - I feel ya! I get terrible migraines during my period. It's the worst!

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