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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Celeb Gossip

Time for some celeb gossip..
The March edition of Cosmopolitan had a stunning picture of Miley on the cover that convinced me her hair maybe really isn't that bad...
..inside she talks all about how crazy in love she is with Liam Hemsworth & often refers to him as "her husband" ...first of all, you are nuts. You are not even married yet. She gushes on and on about him for 3 whole pages.
(What's not to gush about??)
Apparently Miley & Liam have broken up. TMZ reported they saw Miley without her MASSIVE engagement ring on & that Liam says she's too wild.
Ya think?! She's Bat sh*t crazy!!
 To say the least, I'm pretty excited about this break up. I always thought knew Liam was way too good for Miley. If they end up getting back together I might just cry. For his sake.
They are a couple that I will not be able to stand hearing about their on-and-off-again crap.
Dear Miley,
You are psycho- and just lost Liam Hemsworth!
Dear Liam,
Touche buddy.. Touche.
We've got my homegirl Julianne Hough (who grew up in Sandy, UT..)
As ya'll know Julianne & Ryan Seacrest are a pretty smokin hot couple..
(Can you say Julianne=his beard?!)
I'm still waiting for Ryan to come out of the closet but in the mean time at least they look really nice together.
Well, Julianne may be smokin hot, but she just proved that she's a TOTAL IDIOT!
This past weekend she was visiting a friend in at their apartment complex in Hollywood where she left her Mercedes parked outside. UNLOCKED---
Three pieces of Jewelry from Ryan Seacrest that she left inside her Mercedes were stolen- the value reported being worth $100,000
...Like I'm sorry.. WHAT?!
Why was that crap not VAULTED UP!? Let alone you left it sitting in YOUR UNLOCKED CAR?! Jules, I love you girl.. but you. are. so. stupid.
Dear Julianne,
I have no words for you.
Dear Ryan,
Just come out of the closet.

We've got the great Amanda Bynes!
Amanda used to have us all loving her & she's left us wondering what the heck happened.
No, Seriously... What happened??
Here she is, my former girl crush.
Amanda Bynes looking great. I don't know if you have ever seen She's The Man- if you haven't, go rent buy it. TODAY.
I say FORMER girl crush because look at the mess she is today Ladies and Gentlemen..
This is after she got arrested for running into someones PARKED CAR!
Can you say most hideous mugshot ever?!
She could have at least done the happy wave like Paris did for her mugshot.
Just kidding, but Paris did look somewhat decent for her latest booking photo..
Back to Amanda.
Here is the last picture Amanda Bynes tweeted for the world to see.
...Wait.. I'm sorry, is this Amanda Bynes or Nicki Minaj??
The new piercing on her cheek is another story...
Maybe I'll give the girl some credit for at least getting rid of her pink poodle hair.
I'd say that's a step in the right direction.
Dear Amanda,
I miss the Amanda Bynes show.
Welllpp people that's all the time we have for Celebrity Gossip 1st Edition!
If you're having a bad day, just remember you aren't any of these people!


  1. Ohhhh my gosh. I laughed throughout this entire post and was shaking my head in an agreeing way.
    1. Miley. I was surprise with her cosmo article when she was talking about Liam and quote "Hubby" made me want to puke. I hate when woman do that and they're not even engaged let alone married. C'mon ladies get it together.
    2. Rihanna and Chris Brown. I got annoyed even reading their two names together. Any gossip about them two makes me want to have a serious sit down talk with her and slap her silly. The irony is ridiculous.
    3. Amanda! I miss old mandy and What I Like About You. I'm stunned with how she turned out.

  2. haha I heard all of this on the radio this morning.
    I agree, Liam just dodged a bullet. serves him right for getting engaged to a 19 YEAR OLD WHO SHAVES HER HEAD ON A WHIM! come on bro.

    also, Amanda's piercing? Just looks uncomfortable.

  3. Oh Amanda. Poor girl. I miss her What I Like About You and Amanda Show days!!

  4. You crack me up and I completely agree with everything you said. Plus with Julianne... if you have seen Safe Haven... she can't act. Stick to dancing.

    1. KATIE WHAT?!
      I LOVED safe haven! I thought it was so cute.
      Did you ever see Rock of Ages??

  5. I'm not a fan of Miley right now. Before her complete 180, I really liked her. Her and Liam make a cute couple...but now, the girl is NUTSO!

    I've thought the SAME thing about Ryan. Deep down, I really feel like he's a closet gay. I really do!

    RIP Amanda Bynes.

  6. Gah, Amanda was seriously my favorite!! I;m so sad to see her go downhill... And Miley's hair will always be ugly, sorry. Her hair in the Marie Claire just before she cut it I think was the bet look for her. The short blonde, tanned she looked amazing! And to agree with Katie, I don't think Julianne is thaaaat great of an actress either... I think it just bug me more that so many "celebs" start off doing one thing and get greedy and shove themselves into acting/signing/dancing/author/fashion designer/perfume. I'm just like geez you are really trying to make some money and fame for yourself instead of sticking with what you love. And then they complain so much about the paps. Ungrateful, but i digress.

  7. I LOVE she's the man!
    but that's too bad that she got arrested!
    I'm going to have to keep up on your blog because I don't keep up on celebs too much!

  8. Okay, I'm just barely reading this-but it totally made my day! You are so great and this post was amazing! I loved it!


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