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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

Honestly this weekend was SUCH a good time!!
I loved Easter & I am in shock that it's already APRIL!
I don't know about your family, but mine rocks.

Here's a small look into our Easter Sunday!
(Duh, Winston got his own Easter treats!)

Sunday Brunch with the family...
Colored Easter Eggs...
I think I'll send these in to Awkward Family Photos.
I'm so happy the weather turned out to be so beautiful for Easter! Winston loved running around in the yard & it was fun to spend some time with the REAL Easter Bunny!!
I'm also so thankful for all that my Savior did for me.
He has made so many wonderful things possible for myself & my family. His love truly is infinite.. & I'm forever grateful for that..
I hope everyone had an AWESOME Easter!!


  1. Looks like a lovely Easter! Also I love your Easter outfit. :)

  2. Winston is so cute, and of course, why wouldn't he get his own Easter basket?! Those pictures in the bunny masks killed me, I think you should definitely send them in!

    Life as I Pretend to Know It

  3. Love your outfit, Winston is adorable as always and that family photo is a framer for sure, so funny!

  4. You look adorable! I used to have a chinchilla for just 2 years and seeing Winston makes me miss my little rodent!

  5. WHERE is your mint top from?! I'm absolutely in love with it. Also in love with Winston.

    1. Cortney!
      I Bought it at Bohme Boutique. I saw it and was SO EXCITED! I've never seen a sheer shirt with a zipper rather than the typical button up!

  6. Those bunny masks are adorable!


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