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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Day of School

I'm sure ya'll are going to get real sick of hearing me talk about school pretty soon. Just wanted to update the fam that reads the blog about how my first day went since life is about to get a lot crazier.
(This is my excited first-day-of-school face)

Yesterday was the first day of class and we had to draw about ourselves on a blank sheet of paper and stand up and present it for a "get to know you" activity.
Obviously I drew a picture of Winston with a carrot....
There are 6 other girls and me. A small class I'm really excited about. All of the girls seem super nice & I can't wait to get to know them better.
We got part of our kits to take home which are HUGE so I left with lots of goodies.
Also excited about that.
We had an early day so we were done by 7:30 pm & yet I was still exhausted.
Waking up at 5:30 am for work will get tiring considering I finish school around 10:15 pm
Full days ahead for a girl who loves her sleep. And long weeks ahead since husband's schedule is practically opposite of mine. Resulting in us having 2 days a week together. HUGE bummer..
(I wasn't kidding about me loving my sleep. I even got my lashes done to save me 20 min in the morning putting on make up!)
I've seriously waited for this for 6 years, so to say the least I'm pretty stoked.
I just have to keep in mind it's only a year.. and Spencer is amazing for supporting me..
My family took me to dinner last night to celebrate my first day of school.
haha awesome right?
Another post coming about dinner.. it was amaze-balls.
Today we start learning European Facials with a full 5-10pm schedule!
Anyways, after I learn all the goods you guys can come in and get some serious spa treatments done! WOOT!


  1. yay for the first day of school!!! and the loss of sleep will be worth it in the end. I am coming to UTAH and you can practice on me. I need my 'melias taken out. lol

  2. I'll trade you facials for inappropriate pictures of my neighbors....

    1. HAHAHA I love it. You bring the goods & we'll make a deal.

  3. Your eye lashes look incredible!!!


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