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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Smokin Bones BBQ

For any of you that are familiar with Bountiful, there are ZERO good BBQ places around. We usually end up driving to SLC to go to Pat's BBQ (which is amazing..)
But ladies & gentlemen Lo & Behold there's a new BBQ place in B-Town!
Smokin Bones BBQ!
(Just opened this week)
they are located on 360 South and 200 West just around the corner from Wendy's.
They were PACKED and had a note on the door saying they were about to run out of food! I would suggest getting there early evening to get what you want before they run out.

Spencer & Jeff enjoying their meals
I got the brisket sandwich meal that came with a drink & two sides.
I picked cornbread (their honey butter was SO GOOD!) & baked beans.
Not to mention the ice in the soda machines made my drink almost slushy. I loved it!
The only downsides to this place: I think it's going to get SUPER busy & it doesn't accommodate too many people. There isn't much parking either since it's one of the main streets. It was also REALLY smoky smelling in there which was great for a while but my eyes started to burn towards the end of dinner. My eyes are super sensitive though, it didn't seem to bother anyone else..
Overall I thought the food was fantastic & the boys were so happy to have a great BBQ place so close to home!


  1. Thank you for the nice comments. Smoke issue will be resolved on monday. Hope to see you again. I appreciate the article. Come in for a free meal.

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