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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Real Beauty

If you were to ask me, I would say I don't think I am overly critical of myself. I would tell you that I'm pretty happy with what I have been given. Of COURSE I have my insecurities.
Don't we all?
I know you've probably seen this posted on facebook over and over, but watch it again!

I reluctantly admit that I am one of many women that teared up while watching this Dove Campaign video for Real Beauty.
As these women started talking about the features that they don't like about themselves, I found myself thinking "ooh I hate that about myself too" or "ugh I wish I could change that on myself as well.."
As this video finished I could not believe how critical I am of myself without even noticing or thinking twice about it.
As women we are so overly critical of ourselves!
A few months ago in Relief Society I taught a lesson on Kindness & how it goes SUCH a long way. We hear all the time to be kind to our neighbors, be kind to our family members, be kind to our children, co-workers & the people we come in contact with..
....How often are we told to be kind to ourselves? Or how often do we even think about it?
It is so easy for us to stand in front of a mirror and look at all of the things we would change, the things we hate & the things that make us insecure. We see millions of advertisements, commercials, billboards, magazines and ads on TV that convince us as women we are imperfect. If we aren't tall and skinny with long lean legs, perfect hair and perfect skin we have failed.
That is a lie.
Instead of waking up thinking how unfair it is that so-and-so has way better hair or SHE has perfect skin, thinking life is unfair all together..
How about we start waking up thinking how FAIR life is? How lucky we are to wake up to another day.. How wonderful it is that we can still find miracles, beauty & happiness in such a sad dreary world that we are surrounded by..
This week I challenge you try to be better at loving yourself.
Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful, and mean it.
If you find you are being critical of yourself, say something positive instead.
We are women of all shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities & backgrounds.
And we are ALL beautiful.


  1. amen twiney A to the freaking MEN!!!!!!
    I have seen this circulating, but never took the time to actually watch it!

    love you!!!

  2. What a positive post and just what I needed after spending too much time in the mirror scrutinizing myself this morning. Thanks!

  3. I absolutely love this post! That video made me tear up ;(!

  4. Loved that video. You do have to YouTube the guys version though... It made me laugh so hard. It's a spoof but dove always knows how to do a campaign.

  5. I love this video! I watched this video for the first time about a few weeks ago and it made me cry. I wish that we as people weren't so hard on ourselves. We are all so beautiful!

  6. This is AWESOME Mikell!! I'm so happy to read this!

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