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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I try not to get too caught up in all the hype of certain news stories.
For Example: Abercrombie not making Large or XL sizes because they don't want "large people wearing their brand."
mkay people.. My FIRST job was working at this place. It was fun & I enjoyed it.
Do I wear A&F now? No, not really.
(For no other reason than I don't feel like that's my style anymore. .)
If you DO wear it, that's great! If not, that's great too! 
Do I think the CEO is a complete idiot for saying what he said? Yeah, I do..
Because people get all sorts of outraged at really anything these days.
Am I going to refuse to shop there?
Probably not. But the chances of me wanting to walk into A&F are pretty slim.
Regardless of what your stance is on this issue..
This video is pretty awesome & the guy in it is pretty hilarious.
"Excuse me, where is your Douche Bag section..?"


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  1. I was actually approached to work at A&F as a "model" and was all pumped about it until I figured out that they call all of their sales associates models. Makes sense that the CEO would be a dbag like that. That video is great! If I had any AF clothes I'd head down to the homeless shelter right now


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