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Monday, July 15, 2013


When it comes to fixing things, I'm pretty lazy.
This goes for fixing broken jewelry, sewing tears in my favorite pair of jeans, fixing a tear in our couch pillow (all of these things I still need to do..) But this ESPECIALLY goes for anything to do with my car.

For example: 
Gas light on? I'm sure I can go 2 more days.
Funky noise going on? mm.. I'm positive it will go away tomorrow.
Need my Oil changed? I'll do that next weekend..
You guys. I'm the WORST car owner in THE WORLD. Which could be a WHOLE other blog post. But we'll just get down to the radio part of my car..
See.. My radio stopped working over a MONTH ago. And I have yet to fix it. Which means I've had no Hollywood Sleeze in the morning. Which explains why I haven't had Celebrity Gossip goin' on for a while. But there's just something I can't ignore anymore.
How freaking annoying is Justin Bieber?!
I can't even handle it.
Back in the day I didn't care much for him, until I saw the Justin Bieber movie in theathers, and I was turned into a total Belieber. No Joke. I loved him. I have every CD, I know all his  lyrics, I follow him on instagram & twitter,  I even have a JBiebs tee.
BUT, as of lately, I can hardly stand the kid. I've unfollowed him on instagram because I was sick of all of his stupid selfies.. that'll show him!
Then I read a story on the internet about a survellance video catching him in a restaurant using the back entrance because he is just that famous.. and on his way out he TAKES A PEE in a mop bucket.. that will later be used to CLEAN the restaurant floors.
.Make me barf.
Then to top THAT off, he passes a picture of Bill Clinton on the wall, sprays it with liquid cleaner and yells, "*bleep* Bill Clinton!"
.Real mature dude.
(you can read the story AND watch the survellance video HERE)
Not to mention I'm sick of seeing pictures of him like this:
....Hey Justin, it looks to me like your diaper is full.. better have someone change that for you.


  1. seriously. why????? what am i going to do with MY justin beiber shirt now? ugh.

  2. You know, I used to like him too. And yeah a lot of kids go through an a-hole phase. Too bad his has to be televised worldwide.

  3. I laughed so hard at the diaper jab. It really does look like a diaper!

  4. I say the same thing when I see those stupid ugly "diaper" pants.!


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