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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Skin Care Routine

I've had quite a few people ask me what my skin care routine is, and as a total lover of makeup and complete product junkie, the thought of posting my skincare/makeup routine got me excited!
First of all, I've been using Ponds makeup wipes for YEARS. I loved that it's a quick easy way to remove makeup at night and it works wonders on taking off mascara which means no more Racoon eye at night!
But as a training Esthetician, I should be telling you these are BAD for you, Despite the ALLURE approved sticker! Ponds lotion & makeup wipes are known for causing Milia (hard, tiny pearl-like "zits" that don't pop!) around your eyes. That = bad. They are great for wiping off makeup, terrible for actually getting a good cleanse! I've since started using an oil-free eye makeup remover with cotton rounds. Love.
At night I use the Lira Pro Cleanser which has a Lactic & Salicylic acid blend that exfoliates & lightens imperfections on your skin! I have seriously fallen in LOVE with this cleanser! You should be exfoliating your face often depending on your skin type! I use a mechanical exfoliant about 2 times/week!
My makeup routine changes with the seasons & I like it to feel light in the summer heat.
I ALWAYS start off with sunscreen. I used to avoid sunscreen on my face because I thought I would feel oily throughout the day. But I've found two keepers- I'll use one of two options, I think both are great.

Obviously there is QUITE a price difference between these two sunscreens. The Dermalogica sunscreen is tinted which I love, because I don't have to wear any foundation. I grab the Dermalogica bottle when I want to keep my makeup super light & natural looking!
Both are oil free and feel great on your face!

Next up: Bronzer which is my FAVORITE beauty item. I always feel so much better with a (fake) tan! The first option on the left is the Victoria's Secret Bronzing Primer. If you haven't used a primer before you have GOT To get this stuff! It's $18.00 and lasts forever. Your face feels like silk afterwards! The bronzer on the right is your basic pressed powder bronzer from Sephora for $17.00 I like Sephora brand because the color goes on quick and easy.
I've even layered these two products (easy does it..!)
Remember to put bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face:
Forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones..
Next I use blush- The NARS Orgasm blush stick is by FAR the best blush I've ever purchased. It's a little pricy but again, it lasts forever.
Fun Fact: A Nars Orgasm Blush is sold every 10 seconds somewhere in the world!
I like to use the NARS Copacabana liquid Illuminator on my cheekbones too for a little extra shimmer. A TINY TINY TINY bit of this goes a LOONNNG way!
If you use too much of this you'll look like you're attempting to be a mermaid. BAD!

On the days I'm feelin real fancy I'll do the whole Highlight/Contour thing. If you haven't tried this yet, you won't BELIEVE what a difference it makes. I like to use liquid bronzer for this so you can see EXACTLY where you are putting it. My preference is, yet again, NARS. The concealer pen is from Sephora and will soon become a staple item in your makeup bag!
The whole highlight/contouring thing  takes a few tries to get it right, practice makes perfect.
I have included the picture below to help!
FUN FACT: There are also TONS of awesome youtube videos on highlighting/contouring!

I'm a COMPLETE sucker for mascara. I look like a naked molerat without it.
Not kidding.
I've added two mascaras here that I absolutely love. I just barely tried They're Real from Benefit- I'm a sucker for anything Benefit too, partially because of their retro packaging that I just cant seem to say no too. It has a rubber brush which I usually hate, but this mascara is seriously the real deal! It's also a splurge item, for $23.00 a bottle!
My go-to mascara is Maybelline Falsies. I ususally buy the black drama bottle.
It glides on perfectly, no clumps, and doesn't flake! No racoon eyes here! You can get this at any grocery store from 6-8 dollars depending on where you shop!
I'm not about to get into details on my favorite lipsticks/lipglosses because I have a drawer full of them. I have way too many favorites to pick from.
If you're going to do ANYTHING for your lips, you should buy this Lira Lip Factor SPF 15. It's FULL of Haloxyl TM, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil & Hyaluronic acid. All super moisturizing!

I think this sums up a majority of the basic products that I love.
If y'all have any questions about any of these products I would love to answer them for you!



  1. totes wish i had a million dollars and you as my beautician. but seriously, i am going to buy some mascara and nars blush ASAP. yum.

    1. I wish I had a million dollars too. I also wish you lived closer to me.

      XOXO i love you!

  2. Oh my gosh, my wallet is about to shrink because I want everything you've listed!

    1. Seriously, they are all so awesome.. I'm like how did I do my makeup before all these things?!

  3. Yee!!! Thank you for all of your skin and make up tips! I am such a boy when it comes to makeup because I literally know nothing, it's moisturizer/sunscreen, mascara (I definitely use the benefit "they're real" one) and eyeshadow when I'm feeling really sassy. I want to learn how to highlight/contour, and exfoliate. I would feel like such a real girl/professional makeup artist/supermodel.

    1. the highlight contour thing looks super intimidating. I had a girl that worked at sephora show me and it took like 2 minutes. So easy and it makes such a huge difference. and good girl to wear your sunscreen haha :)

  4. I'm a sucker for mascaras as well! I have been trying to cut down on the make up even to go to church because my face gets REALLY shiny in the humid Houston weather and it bothers me to put on make up just to have an awful shine all over my face before I walk out the door. I give up, Houston humidity! You win! Or maybe I should just find time and money, go to Sephora and get a consultation and buy the expensive stuff. Decisions, decisions!

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

    1. Okay so I have an AWESOME product for you!
      You should get dermalogica plankton masque.
      it's SERIOUSLY AMAZING and it soaks all that oil right up!! You would be shocked. It works amazingly but it's calm enough you can use it everyday!!

  5. I'm obsessed with NARS blush. I've seriously had mine (powder) from like a year and a half ago and I can't even see the bottom of the pot yet...I wish I could though, because I want to try another color and I can't justify it if my other one is still good haha.

    1. Oh my word I know.. and especially when it's so much! I'll be like SCRAPING it out of the container before I can go buy another one. It's true though.. they last forever!!!

  6. Ahh literally obsessed with basically all this makeup..I know what I am def saving for! Also loved the contour & highlight section very helpful! I am your newest follower! So happy I found your blog, love new blogger friends:)! Feel free to follow back or not whatever you choose! Have a fab day!
    Erin Nicole

    1. Erin,
      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment.. I love meeting new blogger friends!! Can't wait to read your blog as well!! Have a good day!



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