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Friday, September 20, 2013

Caramel Apples: FAIL

I think as y'all know I've been jumping totally embracing the fact that fall is just around the corner. I've been whippin out the sweaters, boots & scarves and burning fall candles already.
Well, I had this great idea to make caramel apples.
What says "Fall" better than those??
First of all, let me rewind here.. Everytime I eat a Butterfinger Caramel Apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (which happens to be often..) I always leave thinking, "HA. this is just for convenience sake. WHY am I paying $7.00 for a freaking caramel apple I can obviously make at home.."
I see pictures like these on the internet and laugh.

Okay.. now fast forward to now.. 
Well, to give you an idea of how my apple dipping session went..

 That's my poor hand with a scalding caramel burn which came with a bad word and also blistered the next morning.

Obviously I should just stick to buying them from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I also have a new found respect for the people that work there dipping apples all day.
I also no longer have a problem spending $7.00 for a perfectly dipped apple.


p.s. if any of you Martha-Stewarts-in-the-cooking-department out there have a good recipe and can teach me.. haha let me know!


  1. Pinterest is the devil sometimes! No worries, points for trying. I'd still eat them!

  2. Awwww haha I love this. I bet they still tasted wonderful!

  3. You need to have Sandra Zwahlen show you her ways. She's AMAZING with caramel apples.

    1. haha Clearly I need SOMEONE! If Sandra is my lady then I need to hit her up!
      Thanks Chels!


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