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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Papa

My Papa is 88 years old, and a total grump to everyone..
...except me.
It's completely safe to say I am his favorite.
..It helps that I'm a total sucker for old people..
I am also the only one willing to put him in his place when he's being a smart ass.
Or to call him out on stuff. You could say he's Brutally honest. Not in a good way.
I guess my family would call me "Brave" for standing up to him.
(But I also think this is why he likes me so much.)
Well.. My Papa is not a loving affectionate person. Like at all.
But in the last few years he's really gone downhill with his health.
So repeatedly when I leave I say, "I love you"
...I say repeatedly because I say it until he says it back.
I will also go to kiss his forehead and most the time he flinches.. but he eventually started letting me kiss his old wrinkly face.
Well recently I went to visit him with sister.
I walked in like usual and went to kiss his little bald forehead.
He IMMEDIATELY put his arm up and completely stiff armed me.. (he's surprisingly still got pretty strong arms. Maybe it was just his bony elbow that stopped me.. )
He stiff armed me and said, "EW I HATE THAT COLOR!"
..Referring to my new hot pink MAC lipstick.
Welp, gpa.. you got out of a kiss. But only this time...



  1. I love this post! What a cute amd funny relationship you guys have! And I happen to loooove that color. Is it candy yum yum? I have been wanting that color forever!

    1. Wow you really know your lipstick colors! Yes it's Candy Yum Yum & it's SOO my favorite lipstick. I love the matte finish!

  2. I love that color, hahah. But this is really sweet, it's great you are so brave to love your stubborn papa so much.

  3. I love it! Such a fun little story!
    & I don't care what Papa says, I love the lipstick!


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