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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Special Effects

Halloween Link Up
I honestly love Halloween so much because it's the perfect combination of creepy and fun! I'm linking up with some other great bloggers today- be sure to click the Halloween Link Up party button to read more Halloween posts!

So I've recently finished my makeup artistry class at school & I'm pretty excited about it! I'm hoping I'll really be able to use it since it's something that I love doing. We did some special effect makeup for Halloween which I think turned out pretty disgusting.. or pretty awesome.
We learned bruising and how to do a black eye. We hadn't eaten dinner yet, so going to grab a bite to eat AFTER I created my black eye was interesting. People STARED. And looked so concerned. Some lady went to hold the door open for me at Zupas but wouldn't move far enough over for me to actually get in the door because she couldn't stop staring. People would look away quickly and then look back giving me extreme cases of the pity smile. I wanted to start fake crying, but I refrained.

For the Fun Part of Halloween:

Road Rash.. my poor arm..

Zombie Nails.. gag right??

For the Creepy Part of Halloween:
Enjoy this terrifying picture I found on the internet. Vintage Costumes *Shudder*



  1. As gross at that all looks great job!! It all looks very realistic

    1. Thank you so much Brittany! I think I got tooooo excited about these haha

  2. ah! Out of all the pics, I hated the last one the most. bahaha! I haven't done an FX Makeup course, that'd be so fun! You did such an amazing job!

    1. Thanks so much Gentri! Also, thanks for doing such a fun link up! Loved it! Happy Halloween!

  3. No one could look prettier with a fake black eye than you! Also the vintage costumes are completely horrifying!

  4. Your makeup is so realistic! LOVE it. And that pic is super creepy...
    Thanks for linking up! :)

  5. Those vintage costumes. I'm going to have nightmares!


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