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Friday, November 1, 2013

Hey There, November..

I woke up this morning completely in shock that it's already November!! Where has this year gone?? I dread the first day of November merely because a small piece of me dies when I have to put spooky Halloween decorations away. Now that October festivities are over and everyone is still recovering from eating candy all month long (or is it just me?) it's time to start thinking about the Holidays!
For one last Halloween Post I wanted to show everyone what we ended up dressing up as. I usually start planning my next Halloween costume on November 1st but we've both had so much going on lately I think it snuck up on us this year. Here's how our Halloween turned out! Enjoy ;)

Got a visit from the cutest little football player in town! He's already pro status at trick-or-treating, I almost had to fill my candy dish back up after he left!
(He totally gets his candy appetite from his mom..)

Then things just went downhill from here..
..or uphill..??

We had SUCH a fun time visiting family. My grandma didn't recognize me at all walking by until I went to give her a hug and she busted up laughing. All of my tiny cousins kept asking when I was having a baby and didn't believe me when I told them it wasn't real. One even punched my pillow belly just to make sure. I also met a new family member last night and she sweetly asked, "So... what are you dressed up as..?" I hope the poor girl doesn't think I look like this all the time. Although if I did, it could be awesome.
Visiting Papa in the care center was hilarious. I walked in and he laughed out loud and said I looked like a weirdo, but Spencer looked good. Uh.. haha thanks? Not sure what's more disgusting. Our costumes in General or the fact that Spencer totally pulls it off.

 Peanut you little rebel you..



  1. oh peanut!!!! shame shame shame. love your gramps! :P

  2. Your costume is hillarious! And you are seriously so cute you make anything and everything look perfect! I'm glad you had a wonderful Halloween!!!

  3. ahah, your costumes are so funny i love it! i also love your red lips!

    lindsey louise

  4. HAHAHA Those costumes are the best. I absolutely love them. Also, I want to steal your puppy! :)

  5. I love that you went and visited family. What an awesome idea! haha!


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