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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Top 10 Best Feelings

Recently I posted a list of my Top 10 Most Awful Feelings. I told a co-worker and she said "What are your top 10 BEST feelings?" Why didn't I think of that? Here is a list of my Top 10 Best Feelings.
#1. New Socks
Something about them is just so great. And they have extra cushion! 
Animated GIF Email 9
#2. Playing with Baby Animals
I love love love love love baby animals. Is there anything more cute? 
cute baby animals baby animal pygmy goat
#3. Gettin' Yer Hair Did
..or played with..
 the girls at school hate me for this by now I'm sure..
#4. Bubble Wrap
what the hell is so satisfying about those stupid plastic bubbles?!
#5. Freshly shaved legs in clean sheets
This is just something guys will not understand.

#6. Warm Sunshine
*be sure you are wearing at least SPF 30!*

#7. The Smell of Babies
..when they are warm, and preferably in a new diaper.
#8. That feeling of pure excitement!
the list of things causing this could go on for days. But we will go with vacations.
#9. Leaving work on a Friday.
Hey Friday, I've been waiting for you since last Saturday!
#10. A fresh manicure/pedicure
Especially if it matches an outfit. How put together can you feel!?
My list of Best Feelings is way longer than my list of Awful Feelings which I would say is a great blessing. My list of great things would be pages if I didn't limit it somewhere. We will stop at ten for today.
What are some of YOUR Best Feelings?

p.s. I'm going to be MIA until next week. Disneyland HERE I COME!


  1. I love all of these!!! so true! new socks are the best!

  2. I love these too! My mother in law does NOT like getting her hair done- isn't that crazy?!

    1. oh my word! How can you NOT like that?! I feel like I'm being so pampered.. and my hair girl rocks. It always looks like a million bucks when I leave the salon. ......then I go home and attempt to do it on my own. That's another story!

  3. New socks and getting my hair done...HEAVEN!

    1. right?! haha have you ever worn toe socks?

  4. Omgosh completely agree with new socks and bubble wrap! Best things ever!

    1. My boss literally walked in my office today with a sheet of bubble wrap. Put it on my desk & walked out. haha thanks dude.

  5. Ha! I did one of these last week myself, and yours has such great ones! That picture of the Chihuahua cracks me up. And I showed EVERYONE that video of Kristin Bell. I just love her.

  6. YES, absolutely to all of these items :) Especially the smell of babies haha!

  7. i freaking love this list!! especially shaved legs in between the sheets. those are the best! gorgeous girl i nominated you for the sunshine award!

  8. haha you stole all of these from me - sounds like my 10 best things!!

  9. i love most of this list. and omg!! what even is that gif??! it is the cutest thing i have ever seen. is it a baby cow?


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