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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sick Bunny-kins

I've gotta say I was feeling a little down and out last week so you guys didn't hear from me much! Winston stopped eating and I got super worried. I took him to the vet and they think he had a blockage in his tum. I had to force feed him medications & baby foods with a hospital syringe morning & night which he hated, as did I.
Bunnies get really sick easily and tend to "give up" if they feel sick enough. With Winston not pooping or eating, the Vet told me if he didn't eat or pass a poopy in a few days he could die. So.. I was pretty sick to my stomach about it. The Vet also told me to make sure he isn't lethargic, to get him out and play as much as possible. To make sure he's eating/drinking, getting his meds twice a day, getting nutrients, not grooming, getting electrolytes & taking mineral oil. Talk about a full time job!
He wasn't drinking which made him super dehydrated so I had to take him to the Vet AGAIN for liquids. The Vet said he wanted to keep him there for the afternoon & I thought I was going to die.  Bunnies also have heart attacks really easily so I thought FOR SURE he'd have a heart attack being in a strange place with other animals. Winston just CLUNG to me. The vet said he had never seen an animal so bonded to his mama. (awee..)

Anyways, about a week and a half later after I felt like I had literally done everything I could, Winston started feeling better. I couldn't find him one morning and he had snuck in the kitchen to eat the hay that I had taken away from him earlier that week. Little stink! I was so happy he was hungry and eating! He also started to play more and would run all over the apartment fast as lightning, come running around a corner and would kick his legs and flip around. Doing bunny binkys are his favorite.
(If you don't know what Bunny Binks are.. Youtube "Bunny Binky" it's adorable.)
Needless to say I feel like my life is a little bit more put together now that I'm not constantly worrying about Winnie! I was so worried about him and I can't imagine what it's like to have a sick child.. at least kids can tell you what's wrong!

So happy my favorite little ball of fluff is feeling better!
(I knew he was feeling better when he started acting like a puppy again by jumping on the couch..)
Also.. On that happy note, how about my new blog design!?
A special thanks to Jess over at NC Grown! Jess was my first blogger friend if continues to be one of my favorites. If you don't follow her blog you should! She's a total sweetheart. You can check out her blog design page HERE!

Change is good, right? In this case change is good + extremely lovely.
Thank you Jess!!



  1. So happy Winston is better! You are such a good bunny mommy!

    1. Thanks pretty girl! I'm so relieved he's doing better too!!

  2. You are adorable! Winnie is such a lucky bunny! One time Ollie got supper sick and I stayed up all night with him sitting on the kitchen floor holding back his ears while he dry heaved over and over. It was the longest night of my life! I hate when furry babes are sick! It's the worst!

    1. oh my hell we were seriously meant to be best friends. hahaha I had the cutest little image of you holding back Ollie's floppy ears.. the things we do for our babies, man!

  3. The blog looks awesome!

    Aren't bunnies the sweetest? So glad your little Winston is doing better!

    1. Thank you SO much!! Do you have bunnies too??

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. OMG! Cutest bunny ever!
    Get Well Soon <3

    <3 Lindsey |


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