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Monday, December 9, 2013

Faith in Humanity

Do you ever have those days where your total Faith in Humanity is shattered?
I had one of those days this past weekend.
I finished up a long school day & thought I would do some quick Christmas shopping before going home for the night. I was in the Sugarhouse area and stopped by a couple stores- both of which I left pretty irritated that their workers were so rude. It took all I had to smile and say "thank you!" in the kindest voice possible. Because it's the holiday season, right??
I was feeling super crappy and disappointed the employees at BOTH retail stores were being so rude, when I drove around the block to go to Petco for fuzzy Winston's treats! As I approached the front of Petco I noticed a girl who looked about my age, standing there with ALL of her belongings in backpacking gear with a garbage bag over it to keep everything from getting soaked. It was just starting to snow when she pulled all the belongings off her back and was trying to find something to wrap her little dog up in. I didn't even notice him there shivering in the freezing cold weather. I thought I would feel better doing something for someone else so I pulled out all of my earned tip money from school and gave it to her. She almost started crying and I immediately felt better for doing something nice for someone else.
I went inside Petco and AGAIN dealt with some pretty angry employees who seemed super irritated I asked a question about Bunny pellets. Feeling bummed yet again I checked out and was ready to be home in my comfy clothes.
I walked outside headed to my car when I slipped on a large patch of ice that sent me right into oncoming traffic in front of a woman driving an SUV barreling through the parking lot going at LEAST 30 mph. The woman nearly ran over me as I was stumbling to get up and she didn't even THINK of hitting her breaks. There was no one around and I got up and waved to let the woman know I was okay. As she continued speeding around parked cars she rolled her window down and yelled, "IT'S NOT A CROSSWALK YOU F****** A** H***"
I stood there with my heart racing from nearly being ran over, and was in complete shock that someone would actually yell that out their window at me. Clearly I didn't jump out into on coming traffic, and the woman WATCHED me fall right in front of her! I had reached my fun-meter for the day an got in my car and started bawling.
As I was driving home I started thinking about this lady in the parking lot. Maybe she was busy Christmas shopping and wanted to get home before her family got there. Maybe she was about to miss a sale if she didn't get there fast enough. Maybe she had a crappy day too. Regardless, I was totally bummed.
 I think it's so easy for us to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of shopping and being busy that we forget what Christmas is all about. Christmas is  about giving to others, and showing compassion. Being kind, loving, generous, and being thankful for what we have and what we've been given. I think we would ALL benefit from slowing down a bit, enjoying the season and remembering what it's really about.

Anyways, End of rant.
I was so busy this past week with multiple tests at school & was down-and-out from food poisoning at one of my favorite restaurants that I didn't get much blogging in. I've got some really exciting things coming this week though so be sure to check back!



  1. That would just leave my blood boiling for hours. Doesn't matter how much I'm having a bad day, you just don't shout that at people who just fell. Just one of those people I guess, hate to say it.

  2. Wow I cannot believe that lady!! One of my biggest annoyances and things I won't tolerate is rudeness. But how nice of you to to help out that girl and her dog while you were having a crappy day.

  3. Sometimes I am so amazed by how mean people can be! I'm not a saint of course but I just don't understand the random acts of hatred. I vividly remember barreling down a mountain falling head over heels when it was snowboarding last year (obviously an accident) and some random man yelling at my boyfriend for stopping to help me up...after he had just seen me fall at least 50 feet down the mountain. Way to go for having such a positive attitude at the end of the day.


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