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Monday, December 2, 2013

You Won't Want To Pass This Up

I have a Cyber Monday deal for you guys that you will NOT want to pass up! Especially for those of you still wondering what to get the ladies in your life.
I TOTALLY have your answer!
Mialisia Jewelry!
I have never seen jewelry like this before. It is so versatile it will blow your mind. The concept of this jewelry is amazing and has already brought in Millions of dollars! Each piece has hooks at each end in order to create endless possibilities with each individual piece of jewelry. I picked two different pieces to try, both of which I love. You can see here how each piece has hooks at both ends. There are also connecting chains that match each piece- all connecting chains are 6 inches in length.
Here are some of the quick ways I made some different looks with these two lovely pieces! These can be made into different length necklaces, bracelets and belts- even hair pieces and accessories onto your fall boots!

You can check out this video to see more!

Now is seriously your chance to get Mialisia jewelry for your mom, sister, best friend- anyone you still have to do Christmas shopping for AND why not get something for yourself too?
These are some great deals, especially after playing with the jewelry myself and seeing how sturdy and nice they are! I love everything about this jewelry and it gets even better!
EVERY single piece of jewelry has a lifetime warranty! If something happens to break they will send you a brand new piece no questions asked! If the piece happens to be discontinued, they will send you a piece of equal value!
If you would like to check out the jewelry online you can see it HERE!
If you would like anymore information on this jewelry feel free to ask me or contact my friend Hannah who introduced me to this Mialisia! There is a link on the Mialisia website to contact Hannah or to join the Mialisa team!
You guys won't regret getting these for yourself or for someone else as Christmas gifts! I absolutely LOVE my pieces and will be getting more to add to my collection!
Happy Cyber Monday!

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